I’m just here trying to make a small living for a large family and things are getting tighter. At least the week is starting off good. We got rain last week, not as much as other folks but it really helped.*****The baseball head coach situation at Bridge City has been resolved. Considering all the applicants, I believe the best choice was made. Chad Landry, head coach at Hamshire-Fannett, is a young man with a lot of baseball knowledge who works well with young athletes. The hiring will not be official until next Monday’s school board meeting. The rumors that Kyle Green was offered the job and the board was waiting for his decision are not true. Landry was always at the top of the list with whoever else was being considered. I understand his interview was impressive. Chad comes from a baseball family and has relatives in the area. His dad Clint is a West Orange graduate and longtime Babe Ruth coach with several trips to Nationals; Connie Angelle is his aunt. You’ll like him but there again baseball at Bridge City doesn’t seem to have long honeymoons. Maybe Chad is the guy to change that.*****Mark your calender for the Bridge City Chamber washer board tournament July 19. Contact the chamber for a booth or to participate.*****I hope Coach Billy Bryant lands on his feet and good things are in his future. He’s a good baseball coach. There is a program out there somewhere that will fit him just fine. Coaching is always the roll of the dice.*****I’ve got to move on before I get written up. Come along, it won’t do you no harm.
On Saturday a state historical marker was placed at the gravesite of Cajun music pioneer Harry Choates. The media covered the event. A few facts not reported were that Harry, age 29, was beaten to death in a hot Austin jail cellblock. The family had no money, so Gordon Baxter of KPAC-AM raised money on the air and three days later Harry’s body was buried in Calvary Cemetery in Port Arthur. Only a small tin marker was placed at the grave. In 1980, Roy Dunn, then owner of the Community Post, came up with the idea to raise the money for a nice monument. Roy and friends put in the balance needed. The granite marker cost $780. In 1981, with friends Tim Knight, who is writing a book on Harry’s life and has put many years into researching; along with Gordon, A.J. Judice and other friends, the monument was placed on Harry’s grave. Dunn had coined the phrase “Godfather of Cajun Music.” Last Sunday’s Enterprise story described that marker as, “A small, simple marker with his name, date of birth and death and a mention of his brief military service.” Well, in 1980, $750 was a lot of money and it is a nice marker, made in East Texas. Today, the state marker has the inscription in Cajun French: “Parrain de la Musique Cajun” or the godfather of Cajun music. His song “Jole Blon” will live through the ages. I can’t wait for Tim’s book, which will be out around Christmas.
30 Years Ago-1978
Triple L Honda, 1520 Strickland is hosting Honda’s great “Give-Away Days” with a drawing for a 1978 Moped. (Editor’s note: I once owned one of those Mopeds. I took it to Charlie Patton for repairs and never went back to get it. Boy, I could use it now. The Moped made 100 miles to the gallon. What became of the Moped anyway? They just disappeared.)*****The Fraternal Order of Eagles is forming a group in Bridge City. For more information contact Curtis Lee, J.R. Wilson or Roy Dunn. W.T. Oliver will be the keynote speaker at the Eagles state convention in Dallas. He will also be a featured speaker, along with Bob Hope, at the national convention in Spokane, Wash. *****Elaine and Bill Townes have just returned from Spain. The Retail Grocers Association sponsored the tour. They report the trip was fantastic. *****Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Reed Jr. are the proud grandparents of a new baby born to Mr. and Mrs. Dickey Robbins. At the time, they were attending the wedding of son Randy, who married pretty Tammy Guyote, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Larry Guyote. (Editor’s note: Did you notice in reports 30 years ago, the wife’s first name was seldom used. Wives were referred to as Mrs. whoever. Boy times have changed, for the better I’m sure. Women are equal but not there yet, one reason Hillary won’t get the nomination)*****Caprice Records releases local musician Jim Taylor’s record. In 1972, while attending Harding College in Arkansas, the Kentucky-born Taylor, then 26, met and married classmate Nancy Duhon of Orange. Eight months ago they moved to Orange and Jim teamed up with Doug Childress and the Stampedes. Caprice Records had signed him to a five-year contract earlier. “I still need you Mary Ann” is being played on radio around the country. (Editor’s note: I don’t recall the song on the flip side but I remember it was a Taylor original and I liked it better.)*****Albert Gore, assistant superintendent at BCISD, will be installed as the new Bridge City Rotary Club president at a meeting at Wayside Inn. Gore succeeds H.D. Pate. Other new officers are John Brooks, first vice president; Don Cole, second vice president; Charles Patton, third vice president, Chapman Bell secretary and Tim Lieby, sergeant-at-arms. Directors are Lawrence Helton, Roy Dunn, C.R. Nash and Hank Eckhardt. Gore is a graduate of Kirbyville High and received his masters at Sam Houston. *****Gene Wright, an attorney in Cleveland, Texas, and partner of Roy Dunn in Triangle Press, got the worst news possible on Father’s Day. A paddle-wheeler in Ottawa, Kansas with tourists on board, turned over and 15 were drowned. Gene’s former wife Sandy, mother-in-law and his 9-year-old daughter Missy drowned. His son Allan and former father-in-law were saved. Missy’s body wasn’t recovered for several days. Gene was a law school classmate of state Rep. Wayne Peveto. Gene and Sandy were friends of the Peveto’s. Wayne was in Austin and unable to attend the funeral. Wayne’s wife Sandy and Roy made the trip to attended the services. Gene was an attorney for Muhammad Ali. He drew up his contracts. People from all over the country attended the funeral or sent flowers. Ali sent representatives. *****Congrats to the Lou Garriga family of Bridge City on their newest addition, Misty Kay on June 15. That gives the family an even number of three girls to match their three boys. *****Shannon Messer retires from B.F. Goodrich June 30. He will donate his fulltime to his real estate business. *****Paul Eason has purchased H and E Automotive in Bridge City. It will now be known as Paul’s Paint and Body Shop. (Editor’s note: What the hell became of Paul anyway?)*****Little Ann Lieby celebrates 11 years on June 29; her brother John will be 12 on July 5.
Somewhere in this issue, I believe on the church page, you will find a very touching story by Josette Choate. It’s a true-life story about her young son Clayson and how God touched him. The story is a little long but it’s a good read and well worth your time. It’s well written by my favorite schoolteacher and is not a radical look at religion but rather how God’s hand helped one precious little boy. You are invited to express your opinion or just communicate with Josette by e-mail at JChoate@pnx.com.*****I believe Barack Obama not accepting public financing is a move that will win him the presidency and it could be a landslide. To start with, he has 1.4 million small donors and will not be taking large contributions from lobbyists and the American tax dollars. He would be at a disadvantage against McCain because of the 527 Republican groups. To the “Swift Boaters” who would do to him what they did to John Kerry and Al Gore he can say, “If you want to play that game, come on and let’s see who can out ‘Swift Boat’ who by refusing public financing.” He’s leveled the playing field and that’s what has McCain and the GOP upset, not that Obama is not keeping his word they could care less about that. *****The past weekend two landmarks came down in Bridge City. In 1928, Clay Dunn built the Silver Slipper Supper Club on Lake Street. According to the Corps of Engineers, the spot Clay chose is the highest elevation in the entire B.C. area. Saturday, that oldest existing building in Bridge City was demolished. Also the first water tower in Bridge City, built in 1955, came down making room for a 200,000-barrel tower. Before the water district and sewer system were installed, residents had water wells and septic tanks. *****We met a nice lady, Pauline Hartman, in her 80s. She and husband Oliver moved to Bridge City many years ago when there weren’t any utilities in Dugas Addition. Mr. Dugas, the subdivision’s developer, named every street after one of his children. The Hartmans and three other families, all-working for Sabine Towing, petitioned and had the name of their street changed to Sabine. Today, only Ms. Pauline remains. She’s a sweet lady but tough. I wouldn’t go messing around her place uninvited. *****Last week, the Wednesday Lunch Bunch had a large gathering at Van “No Kin to Harry” Choate’s Tuffy’s. Among the guest were Pierre “Pete” Mire and son David, a 1972 graduate of Bridge City High. He wore number 34 on the football team. He has been a homebuilder in Georgia 21 years. Things have gotten tight in Georgia and he is looking to bring his home construction business to Orange County. He is married to the former Diane Dotson, a classmate of his at B.C. His mom Hilda, who recently had knee surgery and is battling blood clots, suggested they make the Lunch Bunch. Everyone was glad to break bread with them. This week the Lunch Bunch dines at Robert’s restaurant in Orange. *****Birthday folks this week: Gary Stelly, Wednesday, June 25. June 26 is a special day around the Creaux’s Nest. It’s Amanda Adams birthday and she does much of the work around here. She bought her own present, a $400 pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes. She got them on eBay, brand new for $60. What a gal.*****Kelly Kimbrough celebrates June 29 and our buddy Barbara Mulhollan celebrates June 30.*****Jeff and Darlene Anderson and Ron and Sue Cowling celebrate wedding anniversaries June 26.*****Longtime friends Claude and Jean Hamerly mark their special day June 30. Congrats to all.*****We ran into musician Jessie Domingue last week. A great guy, the Cajun music man is talented in all kinds of music. He still keeps up with all the boys who developed the Gulf Coast “Swamp Pop” sound. He makes his home in Bridge City and knows a lot about the area’s music history.*****If you are not attending the Farmer’s Market in Bridge City on Saturday you’re missing some great fresh produce like tomatoes, without Salmonella, plenty of vegetables all grown locally,  plus delicious homemade jelly and jam. Time is running out so stop by, you’ll be glad you did. You will also meet some great folks. Last Saturday Gene Hidalgo and Moe Litton were raiding the place. Mayo LeBlanc left early because he sold all he could, he said because he didn’t want it to affect his Social Security. The market is open at 7 a.m. at the Bridge City Community Pavilion.*****Legendary comedian George Carlin, 71, died Sunday of heart failure. He was different and refreshing.*****Tom Brokaw will replace Tim Russert on “Meet the Press” through the November elections. That was NBC’s best move.*****The Washington Post poll, out Monday morning, says 84 percent of the citizens say the country is headed in the wrong direction. Who are the 14 percent who say it is headed in the right direction? My guess, the super rich who want to do away with the middle class, oil barons and defense contractors for starters. *****The GOP 527 groups are gearing up to return to Karl Rove’s fear factor against Obama. Get ready for the trash. We are already getting e-mails. However, polls show him leading by six to 16 points so they must destroy him with lies. The American people want a change; they don’t care if it’s Forrest Gump.*****
Amanda Adams, Rhonda Wilson, Chris Green, Jack James, Jo Lynn Harris, Judy Duncan, Sheryl Frazier, Archie McLellan, Barbara Olson, Logan New, Mary Majors, Williamette Reynolds, Dylan Ball, Dylan Maas, Robert Herin, Bruce Montague, Charlene Terro, Honor Lee Smith, Jacque Phelps, Jeanie Larch, Judy Landry, Kyle Smoke, Maureen McAllister, Michael Garcia, Rebecca Brumer, Shelly Smith, Kelli Boehme, Steffan Milligan, A.J. Lemoine, Christina Cunningham, Derek George, Nikki Barron, Nikki Fisette, Darrell Perkins, David Olson, Florence Evans, Jeannette Foster, Lauren Brownlie, Macey Joubert, Terry George, Wilda Hart, Brooke Edwards, Dorothy Slusher, Emily Culpepper, Gene Armand, Joyce Bourdier, Rollie Cardner and Sheila Deason.

Sostan’s neighbor Ella Mae Fontenot, a widow woman, found out her dog could hardly hear so she took it to veterinarian Alcid Breaux. He found da problem was hair in da dog’s ears and cleaned boat ears and dat dog him could hear jus fine.
Doctor Breaux told Ella Mae if she wanted to keep dis from reoccurring, she should go to da store and get some “Nair” hair remover and rub it in it’s ears once a mont.
Ella Mae went to da drugstore and got some Nair. At da register, da druggist Comeaux told her, “If you’re going to use dis under your arms, don’t use deodorant for a few days.”
Ella Mae said, “Mr. Comeaux I’m not using it under my arms.”
Comeaux said, “If you’re using it on your legs, don’t shave for a couple of days.”
Ella Mae said, “Mr. Comeaux, I’m not using it on my legs eater, and if you must know, I’m using it on my Schnauzer me.” Druggist Comeaux him was dumb-founded and speechless.
Recently our friend Donna Kay Peterson Sr., married Clifton Stutes. I don’t know him but for his sake I hope he has a lot of stamina because Donna is a ball of energy. Following the wedding the couple honeymooned for three weeks in Honolulu and Maui. They were smart and took a pre-wedding cruise to Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. Everything went good, no fights so they married. You can see from all that travel that Clifton will have to keep roller skates handy just to keep up. Congrats and best wishes for a long life together. *****Speaking of weddings, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have set a wedding date. The “Dream Wedding” will be a doozy. Ellen says, “Planning a wedding is very stressful.” She will fly the de Rossi family from Australia to attend the wedding. I’m sure they will both be beautiful brides. You want to guess at who will wear the veil?*****This week Dupont Credit Union, now Sabine Federal Credit Union, will celebrate their 60th anniversary. That’s about all I know. They’re good folks. I understand they are in a nice new building and a remodeled building on Strickland Drive.*****I’m constantly amazed at the great response our publications get. We are read by more Orange Countians than all other papers combined and for that we thank you. We also thank our advertisers for making it possible for us to deliver the paper to your door free of charge. There is not a better bargain anywhere. If you know an advertiser not taking advantage of our great coverage in this market, tell them about us.*****My time is gone, thanks for yours. Take care and God bless.