Action was taken in the city council meeting June17, to approve the resolution joining other cities’ action regarding Entergy Texas Incorporated’s request for a rate increase.

Bridge City has joined other cities in the regional service area of Entergy Texas that have approved a negotiated settlement for the rate increase.

Entergy had requested a $112 million rate increase that would have resulted in a 7.56% increase to customers for the year beginning in October 2008.

The negotiated settlement would call for the rate increase to be 0.87% for the first year beginning October 2008 and 2.08% for the second year.

The resolution approved by the city council will be sent along with other approved resolutions to the Public Utility Commission for their consideration when the hearing is conducted for the rate increase.

“Entergy is in agreement with the negotiated rates. We feel it is a fair settlement,” said Victor Enmon, Customer Service Manager for Entergy’s Orange office.

City Manager Jerry Jones reported that the demolition of the water tower at the city hall location will be done on Friday June 20.

“This will be a one day demolition. The pre-demolition will start at 6:30 A.M. and the job is due to be completed by about 4:30 P.M. Once the job is done we will be able to start looking at the construction of the new tower,” said Jones.

“On Monday June 30 we will be beginning the Ferry Drive project. We will erect barricades and Ferry Drive will be blocked off to through traffic. The traffic will then detour to Roundbunch. There will be more information upcoming about the detour routes,” Jones also said.

In other business the council accepted the bid of Bridge City Bank on the bank depository contract. The contract was offered to both local banks. Bridge City Bank was the low bid and will continue the contract for another five years.

The council also approved the request from Wendell Hebert to tie in to city water and sewer services for his property located on Gum Hill Road. The city will only need to provide the taps to tie in the systems.

Action was also taken to grant the city attorney the authority to appoint an assistant city attorney. The assistant city attorney will operate under the direction and at the expense of the city attorney. The assistant city attorney will serve when the city attorney is unable to serve in case of illness or for other short term periods.