Barclay was sworn in to fill the remainder of T. W. Permenter’s term in the

Pinehurst City Council at their meeting on June 24. The seat became vacant when

Permenter was elected mayor of Pinehurst in the last election.


is a long time resident of Pinehurst and is the co-owner of a local software



council also voted to join other local cities in approving the non-unanimous

stipulation approving a rate increase for Entergy Texas.


stipulation is non-unanimous because the cities are approving the negotiated

rate increase and the industrial consumers are not,” said Victor Enmon the

Customer Service Manager for Entergy’s Orange office.


negotiated settlement lowers the amount of the rate increase from $112,000,000

to $29,000,000. The increase to consumers the first year will be 0.87% the

first year and 2.08% the second year, per 1000 kilowatt hours.


other business the council approved a contract for the demolition of a

residence located on 29th Street

and the Video Paradise building on MacArthur Drive.The contract was awarded to

David Roberts


Video Paradise building has been vacant for over six years and is in a state of



owner of the building, Shawn Sadaruddin, has ignored repeated attempts by the

city to contact him. City Code Enforcement Officer Grady Gray will send a

notice giving Sadaruddin 15 days to respond after which the city will proceed

with demolition. The cost of the demolition will be billed to Sadaruddin. If he

does not reimburse the city for the cost, a lien will be placed on the