Lamar University is addressing high fuel prices by launching an online carpool program designed to help students, faculty and staff connect in order to ease the pressures of rapidly rising fuel costs. The Office of Student Affairs has created a web-based message board where prospective carpoolers can sign up to find other LU employees or students to share a ride to campus.

“This program is a way to help our staff and students deal with the rising costs of gasoline,” said Norman Bellard, associate vice president for student affairs. “Aside from the financial advantages of sharing a ride, it’s our hope that participants will meet new friends thus enhancing the feeling of community at Lamar.”

Individuals who are interested in carpooling may email and submit their name, phone number or email address, hometown, work or school schedule, the date submitted and any additional information. The information will be posted on the website within 24 hours of submission Monday through Friday. To check on carpool availabilities, go to and click on the “Carpool” banner.

Lamar University is providing this service for the convenience of students, faculty and staff. The university does not endorse or vouch for driving skills or personal character of any individual posting on this site. Individuals are encouraged to use appropriate personal judgment and caution in providing information as well as accepting or offering rides.