Amanda Adams was singing to herself trying to decide the best place to buy gas on her way home from work Friday. She had slowed almost a stop to let a vehicle from the next lane, trying to cut in, get in front of her as she waited at the light at Highways  62 and 87 north of Bridge City.

In the next instant she heard a loud crash and her car was being shoved toward the white Chevrolet Silverado in front of her. Instinctively, the wheel was jerked to the left in an attempt to miss the vehicle she was headed for.

“I never saw him coming,” she said, talking about the new red Silverado that slammed into the rear of her car. “He wasn’t traveling in the group of cars around me, so he was either driving really fast or came from one of these places,” she said as she motioned to the businesses across the street.

There were no skid marks, so there was no attempt by the driver in the red truck to stop. At this time, it is unknown why the white male about 45 years old ran into Adams vehicle. 

Though the man appeared concious with open eyes, he was dazed and didn’t say anything. His door had to be pried open to get to him. His air bag had deployed. The unresponsive man was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Visibly shaken, but at the time only experiencing minor pain in her knee, Adams’ first thoughts were to get out of the car quick. She had trouble getting the seat belt unfastened and was unable to shut off the motor of her Dodge Stratus. Firemen had to disconnect the battery to stop the engine.

Looking at the car, it is amazing she wasn’t seriously injured.  There was significant damage to the rear of the vehicle with the back glass laying broken three to four feet behind the vehicle. The damage to the front of the vehicle caused by being pushed into the truck in front of her was sufficient that it had pushed the motor against the steering column which is why she couldn’t shut it off. Her front seat broke and collapsed onto the car seat strapped in behind her. 

Adams is very grateful that her three year old twin boys were not with her because both would have been injured because of where the damage was.

The force of the crash was enough that not only was her car knocked into the truck in front of her, but that truck was forced into the truck in front of it. 

Both of those trucks were at a full stop at the time of impact. 

The white Silverado sustained some damage to the bumper area in both the front and the back. The fourth vehicle sustained very minor damage. None of those passengers were injured.

“I’m glad I didn’t see him coming, because if I had, I would have stiffened up and maybe gotten hurt worse,” said Adams.

The condition and name of the first driver are unknown at this time, as is the cause of the accident. 

The new red Silverado was sporting a paper dealer tag from Billy Navarre Dealership in Lake Charles.

The vehicle that was trying to cut in was not in the accident and was no where to be found.

Traffic was backed up on Texas Avenue in Bridge City for two hours.

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