Marriage License: Issued By
Karen Jo Vance, Orange County Clerk
For The Week of June 23, 2008 thru June 27, 2008

 Bem A Bembry and Judy L Prosperie

Shawn M Jackson and Ashley E Munoz

Greg M Hutchinson and Sherry A Brown

Justin A Dufresne and Erin M Mills

Matthew L Richey and Meghan L Richey

Derek L Bingham and Meghan K Halten

Gabriel A Witmer and Melissa D White

Ronald L Burton and Meshia S Hughes

Jerry W Hannon and Chrystalina Bradford

John C Sartor Jr and Victoria M Mooney

Bobbie G Shelton Jr and Tangie J Mouton

Joshia E Gray and Debra V Gray

James A Venable and Sarah B Gilpatrick

John D Kelley and Shonda L Cline

Bobby J Redd and Shirley J Doiron