The City of Orange Swim Team (C.O.S.T.) started summer league competition June 28, hosting the Moss Bluff Marlins and Country Club Acres team from Lake Charles. C.O.S.T., participating in the Lake Charles Parks and Recreation League for the second summer, is preparing for its first meet of the 2008 summer league season. Head coach is Greg Gravett and assistant coach is Megan Phares.

The next team meet is July 12 at University Park in Lake Charles.

In the Boys 7-8 Division, Joshua Erb was sixth in the 25-yard freestyle and third in the 25-yard butterfly; and Elijah Vigil was first in both 25-yard freestyle and 25-yard butterfly. Other divisions and winners include:

Boys 9-10: Blaken Daville, seventh 25-yard freestyle and fourth in 25-yard breaststroke; Joshua Howard, fifth in 25-yard freestyle and fourth in 25-yard backstroke; Chase LeDoux, second in 25-yard breaststroke; Rylan Odom, first in 100-yard individual medley, first, 25-yard freestyle; first, 25-yard backstroke; Noah Vigil, second in both 25 yard freestyle and 25-yard backstroke.

Boys 11-12: Michael Dupre, first in 100-yard individual medley, first in both 50-yard backstroke and 25-yard butterfly; Slade McClanahan, fourth, 50-yard freestyle.

Boys 13-14: Chris LaChance, second, 50-yard freestyle, first, 50-yard breaststroke and second, 50-yard backstroke; Dmitri Lacour, sixth, 50-yard freestyle and second, 50-yard breaststroke; John Phillips, seventh, 50-yard freestyle and second, 50-yard butterfly.

Boys 15 and Over: Brandon Dodson, fourth, 50-yard freestyle, second, 50-yard breaststroke; third, 50-yard backstroke; Alex Dorman, first, 100-yard individual medley, first, 50-yard backstroke; third, 50-yard butterfly. Coach Greg Gravett was first in both 50-yard freestyle and 50-yard butterfly. 

Girls 7-8:  Audrey Zeto, sixth, 25-yard freestyle and ninth, 25-yard backstroke.

Girls 9-10: Emily Erb, 11th, 25-yard freestyle; ninth, 25-yard backstroke; Abby Gautreaux, seventh, 25-yard freestyle; sixth, 25-yard backstroke; Mahala McClanahan, fourth, 25-yard freestyle, fourth, 25-yard breaststroke and third, 25-yard backstroke; Shelby Perales, second, 25-yard freestyle; and fourth, 25-yard backstroke.

Girls 11-12: Ivy Casteel, third, 50-yard freestyle; third, 50-yard backstroke; Ashton Gautreaux, eighth, 50-yard freestyle and third, 25-yard butterfly; Marianne LaChance, 10th, 50-yard freestyle, second in 50-yard breaststroke and eighth, 50-yard backstroke; Paige Perales, first in 50-yard freestyle, 50-yard backstroke and 25-yard butterfly; Maegan Reinhardt, seventh, 50-yard freestyle, fourth, 50-yard breaststroke and sixth, 50-yard backstroke.

Girls 13-14: Chasity Chapman, seventh, 50-yard freestyle; fifth, 50-yard backstroke; Abbi LeDoux, fifth, 50-yard freestyle; Hannah McLendon, fifth, 50-yard breaststroke; Kaci Naquin, fourth, 50-yard freestyle; second, 50-yard backstroke.

Girls 15 and Over: Maria Dupre, first, 100-yard individual medley, third, 50-yard breaststroke; and first, 50-yard butterfly.

Medley Relays:

9-10: third, Noah Vigil, Abby Gautreaux, Chase LeDoux and Blaken Daville; fifth, Mahala McClanahan, Audrey Zeto, Elijah Vigil, Emily Erb.

11-12: second, Rylan Odom, Shelby Perales, Ashton Gautreaux, Marianne LaChance; 4th place: Slade McClanahan, Maegan Reinhardt,

 Michael Dupre, Joshua Howard.
13-14: third, Chasity Chapman, John Phillips, Abbi LeDoux, Kaci Naquin.

15 and Over: second, Brandon Dodson, Chris LaChance, Maria Dupre, Alex Dorman.

Freestyle Relays

9-10: third, Blaken Daville, Abby Gautreaux, Chase LeDoux, Noah Vigil; fourth, Elijah Vigil, Mahala McClanahan, Audrey Zeto, Emily Erb.

11-12: third, Shelby Perales, Rylan Odom, Ashton Gautreaux, Marianne LaChance; fourth, Joshua Howard, Michael Dupre, Slade McClanahan, Maegan Reinhardt.

13-14: second, Paige Perales, Ivy Casteel, Dmitri Lacour, Hannah McLendon; 4th place: Chasity Chapman, Abbi LeDoux, Kaci Naquin, John Phillips.

15 and over: second, Alex Dorman, Chris LaChance, Brandon Dodson, Maria Dupre.

In the last event of the day, coaches Greg and Megan chose Joshua Erb to swim the Lagniappe 200-yard relay with them and finished first.