The third session of the Aces High Bull Riding Series at the Texas Longhorn continued with bulls bucking and spinning and the bodies flying.

Shane Young of SYJ Productions put together a pen of some of the strongest bulls seen to date at the Longhorn. All of the bulls came out of the chutes fast, with hard pile-driving landings after some impressive bucking motions.

The first rider out of the chute was a newcomer to the series, Conner Wood. Wood lasted about three seconds before his bull put him out of position. He lost his grip and went off of the right side of the bull and slid off for no money.

Rider No. 2 was Joe Bossier, another new name on the roster, who went to the dirt early in the eight-second period. But the bull wasn’t finished with him and bullfighter Cody Marcantel had to distract the animal so Bossier could leave the arena.

Daniel McBryant was next out and got into trouble early. McBryant was not able to grip with his knees. His only hold on the bull was his riding hand. He managed to barely hang on but it was a lost cause.

Josh Durant, a regular in the series, was the next rider to get into trouble. Good bulls take advantage of any mistake by riders. This one felt Durant slide to the right, and it started to turn fast to the left and go into a spin and Durant turned into a windmill blade.

Two rides later, bullfighter Marcantel moved in to help Justin Wilson and got into trouble himself. Marcantel got in too close and the bull hooked him with its left horn and tossed him into the air like you would flip a quarter. Bullfighter Guy Rivera moved in quick and got the bull to move in his direction, giving Marcantel time to get away.

Daniel Jetton, another newcomer, took the “Hard Luck” award for the night. Jetton hit the ground hard and was on his stomach when the bull stomped him in the back with its left hoof. It took help to get him back into the chute and out of harm’s way so the paramedic could work with him. Jetton was able to limp painfully out of the arena, but will likely have a few rough days.

The last entry, Josh Barrentine, made the only covered ride of the night. Barrentine looked good coming out of the chute and kept on for all eight seconds. He kept an upright position, stayed in the middle of the bull’s back, gripped with his knees and kept his hand grip. The bull was a little long in the body, but had a good body weight and was strong in the shoulders. It made some good moves and hard-bucking motion.

Barrentine scored 84 points, a very good score in any riding event and enough for him to pocket $810. The Calcutta bidder who bought Barrentine’s ride went home $681 richer.

There is a summer full of action at the Longhorn with three more sessions of the series.

July 12 will kick off the “Summer ‘08 $1000 Bikini Challenge.” There will be two categories, Under 30 and Over 30. The winner will be take home $1,000 at the final contest July 26.

For more information, call the Longhorn at (337) 589-5647.