It was a Fourth of July celebration Donna Scales won’t soon forget.
“Orangefield in the Big City,” was the wisecrack from her husband heard over the phone.

“We wanted to see the fireworks, wanted to see Yankee Stadium,” said Scales about her recent trip to New York over the weekend. Donna and husband Jimmy were joined with seven other people on what most would consider the trip of a lifetime. They were accompanied by Jackie and James Scales, brother and sister from Beaumont, Josh and Kim Hines, Robert and Marcia Solis of Nederland and Bobby Solis of Beaumont.

Arriving in New York City Thursday, they ate at Micky Mantle’s Restaurant and watched the Boston Red Sox beat the Yankees 7-0. “I went all the way to New York to see Andy Pettite pitch,” said Donna, sarcastically referring to the former Houston Astros’ pitcher.

The Scales had always wanted to see a game at Yankee Stadium, and this is the last season to be played there. It will be torn down and the Yankees will move to the new stadium being built next door. The 85-year old stadium is arguably the most famous sporting venue in America.

“I wanted to see the house that Babe (Ruth) built,” said Donna. “A hot dog, a big ol’ thing of Cracker Jacks and a Coke was $15,” she said. “Nathan’s hot dog, talk about good. I took mine without anything.”

Junior’s restaurant for cheesecake was their last stop that night. “It was good, we went back three times for cheesecake. After the second time, I wouldn’t split,” she said.

They hit “Good Morning America,” “The Today Show” and “Fox News” to kick off Friday. “They’re all right there together … at Rockefeller Center. They were cooking outside and grilling,” she said.

At St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Jimmie lit a candle for his mother who recently passed away.

“You can’t imagine how beautiful it (the cathedral) was,” said Donna.

They walked through Sax Fifth Avenue, “ … just to touch a few things,”

A visit to New York on the Fourth would not be complete without a trip to Coney Island to watch Nathan’s International Hot Dog Eating Contest. Jackie and Jimmy were at the front lines to witness it all.

Joey Chestnut defended his title after winning last year against six time champ Takeru Kobayashi. It came down to a tie-breaker in overtime when both contestants downed 59 hot dogs in 10 minutes. Chestnut finished his five frankfurters in extra time beating his opponent by two.

A dinner cruise on the Hudson River was the perfect way to watch the “Million Dollar Fireworks” Friday.

“There were so many people … on the bank … I knew we needed to find another mode,” said Donna on their decision to take the boat ride.

“There were nine barges, three in each spot, full of fireworks,” she said, “ I was really impressed.” The sparkling display was timed to music that started with songs from the 1920s, progressing to modern rhythms and ending with the national anthem. “That was spectacular,” she said.

You can’t go to New York without shopping at Macy’s on 34th, “It’s the largest store in the states.

“I can’t believe how many shoe departments there were on every floor,” said Donna.

On a tour through Little Italy, they tasted wine, cheese, pizza and olive oil, Donna said, “When you’re through, your both full and lubricated.”

They crammed as much of New York in as they could in a very short amount of time. Donna credits her navigational skills and knowledge of where to go by studying her copy of “New York for Dummies” for a couple of months, and accessing for step-by-step instructions on how to get where ever you want to go, including subway routes. “It really is an awesome trip … the weather was perfect.”