Since Rachel Carson wrote “Silent Spring” in the 1960s, there has been concern about effects of pesticides and other chemicals on our environment. Pestco Professional Pest Control in Orange County has low-impact botanical chemicals in their arsenal that are safe to use around people and pets, and are environmentally friendly.

One of their most impressive sprays is a botanical spray for use on mosquitoes that has a base of natural plant oils such as rosemary, thyme, ginger and lemon oil. When the concentrate of these oils is mixed with water and sprayed on a lawn the effect is immediate on the mosquito population and can last as long as six weeks, according to Martin McCord, Pestco president.

The life cycle of the mosquito is divided into four stages, from egg to adult. The botanical chemical used by Pestco kills mosquitoes through all four. Most chemicals kill only the adult standing stage.

“The pesticide can either be sprayed on to kill the mosquitoes as needed, or a ‘misting’ system can be permanently installed that will apply the mist on the yard at a programmed interval,” McCord said.

“It is the same chemical, just applied in two different methods. It is environmentally safe and very low-impact. I found this chemical at a trade show and tried it out on my property before I started using it professionally. It worked and we have had great results with it.”

Southeast Texas also has a severe ant problem from the familiar fire ants to the recent influx of “crazy ants”, sometimes called Caribbean crazy ants or raspberry crazy ants.

“The ants do not follow the patterns of normal ants,” McCord said. “They just move around in “crazy” patterns and are extremely destructive. We have an ultra low dose product on lawns that will control ants in your yard for up to one year with one application. The pesticide for ants contains the same ingredient that is the major component in flea and tick repellent for pets and is completely safe to use around all household pets.

“I recently sprayed crazy ants for a commercial customer in Orange eight months ago and he has not had ants return.”

With the warm, humid climate of Southeast Texas, it is natural that termites of all types are also a headache for homeowners.

“We have low-impact and reduced-impact chemicals available for our technicians to use on our residential, commercial, and industrial accounts”, said McCord. “The chemical Termidor is virtually undetectable by termites. It has virtually no odor and since they cannot detect the chemical they contact, ingest and share the chemical. The homeowners also appreciate the fact that the odor is very low.”

Pestco serves the entire Southeast Texas area and can be reached at 1-866-769-7777, 769-4050 or 886-4248.