Drug, fraud and sexual assault charges were among Orange County grand jury indictments released Friday, according to District Attorney John Kimbrough’s office. 

Individuals listed are from Orange unless otherwise indicated. 

Charged with felony possession of a controlled substance are Ryan Keith Guyote, 39, of Bridge City; Raschelle Daughdrill, 19, and Tim Morris, 24, both of Vidor; Robert Laden, 42, of Lumberton; and Katie Burd, 25. 

Brent Huckabay, 45, of Bridge City; Robert Witt, 45, of Vidor; David Patrick LeBlanc, 41; and John Barron, 48, of Nederland are charged with felony DWI.

Charged with sexual assault is Jimmy Brown, 24.  

Other charges include:

• Burglary of a building: Jimmy Faulk, 25, of Bridge City.

• Securing execution of a document by deception: Jessica Harris, 22, of Vidor; and Mary Glazner, 50. Two women lied about their income to obtain excessive welfare benefits. 

• Felony evading arrest: Brent Bean, 23, of Mauriceville. 

• Debit card abuse: Mary Thompson, 43, of Vidor. 

• Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle: Derek Glenn Green, 40. A man stole a vehicle later found in Texarkana. 

• Aggravated assault: Anthony Dixon, 37. A man tried to run over a woman with a truck.