The Bridge City Strutters won the title of All-American Team of the Week at the American Dance Line Camp at Moody Gardens Hotel in Galveston. Judging was based on leadership, cooperation, technique and overall precision and presentation. Other awards include Super Sweepstakes Award (earning scores of 90 or above on three evaluations), the Outstanding Home Routine Award, Best Overall Technique Team Award and Most Admired Team of the Day.

Dancers earning All-American are Klacie Norris, Sarah English, Marla Carter, Ashley Angelle, Katelyn Norman, Emily Ginn, Mallory Wappler and Maci Mathews. All-American Honorable Mention members are Elizabeth Eddingston, Lacey Serrette, Lyndsay Powers, Alyson Smith, Meghan Smith, Holly Simpson, Gretchen Hollier, Jordyn Ewing and Allison Morphew. Junior All-American members are Karli Anderson, Nicole Encalade and Kaitlyn Ezell. All-American Dance Company members are selected from the All Americans as the elite dancers at camp. They are Klacie Norris, Sarah English, Marla Carter, Katelyn Norman and Emily Ginn.

All-American Kick Company members are Klacie Norris, Sarah English, and Jordyn Ewing with Sarah English earning Miss High Kick. Junior All-American Kick Company members are Karli Anderson, Kaitlyn Ezell, Caylee Champagne, Nicole Encalade, and Devon Skidmore with Kaitlyn Ezell earning Junior Miss High Kick. Oustanding Performer for the week is Capt. Klacie Norris.

Bridge City Strutters are Norris, 1st Lt., Sarah English, Lt. Marla Carter, Lt. Emily Ginn, Lt. Katelyn Norman, Ashley Angelle, Kelly Decuir, Elizabeth Eddingston, Lacey Serrette, Tara Townes, Lindsey Adams, Gretchen Hollier, Maci Mathews, Lyndsay Powers, Holly Simpson, Alyson Smith, Meghan Smith, Mallory Wappler, Taylor Dishon, Jordyn Ewing, Allison Morphew, Karli Anderson, Heather Aucion, Caylee Champagne, Nicole Encalade, Kaitlyn Ezell and Devon Skidmore. Director is Cathy Riley and assistant director is Jane Busby.