Next Sunday, July 20, will mark 39 years since Neil Armstrong landed on the moon with the words, “The Eagle has landed” and “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” That was a proud moment for every American. Anyone today who was five or older then still recalls that event and where they were at the time. In 1961, new President John F. Kennedy directed that the U.S. would reach the moon in this decade and so we did, in 1969. If we ever get a president with the same dedication, not one beholding to big oil, we can solve our energy problems and be dependent free from any other county in less than a decade. We won’t drill our way out of this crisis. We can’t process all the oil now available. Oilman T. Boone Pickens has an idea to cut the United States’ demand for foreign oil by more than a third in less than a decade, through wind power and natural gas. Pickens says it will take real leadership and the top issue for the next president and Congress is to make it happen. T. Boone says we send $700 billion to foreign countries a year, money that is building their countries, not ours. He will soon release his entire plan. Regardless of how good a plan it is for the country, it will also be self-serving for Pickens and U.S. oil companies. If we cut off one third or more of U.S. dollars, $700 billion going overseas, oil companies at home will benefit. I believe T-Boone and his friends would like to see domestic oil selling for $100 a barrel, $3 a gallon at the pump from now on. Wind power and natural gas would take care of our other energy problems. Since T. Boone is notoriously Republican, it’s hard for me to believe his plan won’t find it’s way into the presidential race. There again, something must be done quick. Investors hedging on a falling U.S. dollar drive the barrel price of $140. By trading in London, U.S. laws are being bypassed. We didn’t go from $27 a barrel in 2000 to $140 a barrel in 2008 by accident or without calculation. Dick Cheney and his gang had a plan, an energy plan that made the rich richer and the middle class poorer. I’m willing to give T Boone’s plan a chance. It’s not Bush or McCain’s plan of more drilling. Bush could release one billion barrels from our oil reserve and drop prices overnight, but don’t look for that to happen unless it’s an October surprise.*****Gotta move on. Come along, it won’t do you no harm.

Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki now says he wants deadlines for a United States departure. The Bush Administration said last week that withdrawal is a bad idea. The administration is trying to negotiate conditions for a relationship between the U.S. and Iraq for years to come. Parliament’s Sami Al-Askani said U.S. negotiators want a five-year “horizon” for the withdrawal of troops. Al-Maliki is apparently trying to balance what America wants with what Iran is demanding of him. They do not want an agreement that gives the U.S. a base in Iraq from which to attack. Sen. John McCain said last week that Iraqi leaders must not rush things. We seem to forget the reason given by the U.S. for invading Iraq was to free the people from dictatorship. Today it is a sovereign country and we are supposedly there by invitation. The Iraqi government’s desire for us to withdraw troops represents a lesson for the Bush Administration. Be careful what you wish for. The truth is they don’t want to leave and want a deal to stay nailed down before the presidential election. IF Barack is elected president our troops will start coming home. Over the weekend American soldiers were killed in Baghdad with many injured. Nine were killed in Afghanistan and two dozen wounded. Why don’t we want to leave? The Iraqi government says they can protect and govern its people independently. We don’t mind leaving the country, we just don’t want to leave that “Black Gold” behind.

Leavell Berry, 78, passed away July 10. Funeral service is 2 p.m. Tuesday, July 15,  at First Baptist in Bridge City. To husband S.Q., recovering from injuries sustained in a auto accident that took Mrs. Berry’s life, and to our longtime friend Brenda Ellender (Mrs. Kirk), daughter Rhonda, son Jeff and their families we send our sincere condolences. She was a great lady. May she rest in peace.*****Our deepest sympathies also to the family of Lee Roy Neel, 86, who died July 12. He was from the Greatest Generation, a Marine in WWII. He retired from Dupont and was a deacon at First Baptist Church in Mauriceville. To his wife Ms. Madeline and family we send our deepest sorrow. He was a fine man.

30 Years Ago-1978
Opportunity Valley News publisher Roy Dunn is traveling the back roads of the Southwest. He borrowed W.T. Oliver’s Merry Miler, Gordon Baxter gave him a send off on morning radio then Roy headed to College Station to pick up friend Conley Windell. They traveled to West Texas into Pecos then New Mexico and the scenic pass through the White Mountains, arriving in Lincoln County, where “Billy the Kid’ is a Robin Hood-like hero. They set up camp in the White Mountains of Arizona, Zane Grey country, overlooking the Tonto Basin below, the rim where Grey’s cabin stood. Nights are 40 degrees and campfires feel good. Their morning breakfast, which never tasted so good, was cooked on the campfire and consisted of fresh sausage, eggs and flapjacks with open-fire brewed, bucket coffee. No radio, newspaper or phone. The back roads are the way to wash away the taint of capitalism. (Editor’s note: Roy wrote his next column from Nothing, Ariz., and sent it by telegraph. He said, “Nothing has nothing.” Water for the radiator is fetched from the river below with a bucket and a long rope. He says they ask you not to waste it because it’s precious. *****Sharon Bearden is now scuffing for a living in the private sector. He has hung up a sign that reads “Lawyer for Hire, Have Gun Will Travel.” He’s off running and happy as a lark, a far cry from the pressures of the DA’s office.*****Three of the colorful characters running around Orange are Jimmy Conn, Joe Blanda and Ed Bacon. Hang with any of these three and you’re inviting trouble.*****Coy Charrier is service manager at Stephens Buick on I-10. Roy Salter is parts manager.*****Dickie Colburn of “The Fishing Hole” presents a program to the DERA Bass Club on locating and catching suspended bass. (Editor’s note: What is a suspended bass?)*****Dr. H.H. Cox, Orange’s second oldest Chiropractor, is now located at 506 Middle St. (Editor’s note: If Cox was the second oldest who was the oldest?)*****Triple L. Honda is selling the Honda Express (Mopad) for $329. It gets 100 miles to the gallon.*****Red’s Restaurant, 1522 Strickland Drive, serves pit barbecued charcoal steaks, fresh seafood, $4.95 ‘All You Can Eat’ Friday night seafood buffet and noon buffet, $2.75.*****Dist. Judges, Graham Bruce, 128th, David A. Dunn, 163rd and Don Burgess, 260th announced the re-appointment of Orange County auditor Julia Bacon to a two year term effective July 13.

Our buddy Cal Broussard had a tough time in the hospital last week. He had a close call and even though he has one problem stabilized; he has others that must be addressed. He’s not out of the woods with an unrelated bleeding ulcer problem plus blood clots and blockage. He’s out of ICU as of Monday. Betty Lou Womack has been an angel looking after our friend with little rest. Cal has a great outlook that has always served him well and will again.*****We remember our little friend A.J. Broussard who passed away last July 17. It’s been a long year over here at the Creaux’s Nest and The Record Newspapers without him. Things have been difficult and not the same smooth operation since he left us. He made every day fun.*****July 15 will mark a year since Bridgett Gearen, 28, was murdered at Crystal Beach. Penny’s story in our paper last week revealed that Bridgett’s death was the second loss of a child for her mother. A son, age 19, was killed when hit by an auto a few years ago.*****Happy birthday on July 17, to Edee Pratt and also Butch Herman. Two great folks.*****We understand Leader editor Ashley Sanders will join the Beaumont Enterprise staff on July 28. She will oversee their weekly publications. Rumor has it, Debby Schamber, a reporter, is also planning to leave, but we hear she has turned down a job in Abilene. Margaret Toal left us to join the Enterprise and in turn we hired Robert Hankins to do some writing for us. Musical chairs in the newspaper business.*****A big weekend is coming up with lots of things to do. Take your choice of the annual Washer Board Tournament or big Air Force Car Show in Bridge City; Friday and Saturday evening the Sheriff’s Posse Rodeo at the arena on 105. I understand a lot of good stock, to be ridden by great cowboys will be featured there; Swamp Pop at it’s best on Saturday, July 19 at the VFW Post in Starks, featuring the boy from Abbeville, Warren Storm, and Willie ‘Tee’ and Cypress band. For reservations call 337-743-6409, $15 a couple, $10 single, 9 p.m. till 1 p.m.*****Tickets are available for the Aug. 9 Gulf Coast Jam, featuring Percy Sledge and the Boogie Kings at the Penny Record, 333 Roundbunch Road, Bridge City or Harry’s Appliance, corner of 10th Street and Main Avenue, Orange.*****The big Larry Hunter “Bayou Bash” featuring Wayne Toups will be Aug. 9 at VFW in Orange. Tickets are now available at the Penny Record, Bridge City, Gunn Studio in Orange or Hunter Campaign Headquarters, 1091 N. Main St. in Vidor. (See ad in this paper).*****Dr. Michael DeBakey, 99, died Friday, July 11. The best surgeon who ever lived operated on 50,000 people, many of them famous. The Lake Charles native developed many tools of heart surgery. His career spanned 70 years. His parents immigrated from Lebanon.*****On July 12, Tony Snow, 53, died of colon cancer. He was a former White House press secretary, radio and Fox News personality. Music was his hobby, playing the flute and guitar his love.*****Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are parents of twins. Boy Knox Leon weighed in at 5 pounds, 3 ounces; and girl Vivienne Marcheline, 5 pounds. Both were delivered by Caesarean section. I’m sure it left a big scar on pretty Jolie’s belly. .*****I’m not sure any of you will remember Joe Bailey’s yacht AVA but I do. I’m anxious to read Mike Louviere’s story about the famous boat docked on Cow Bayou near the swing bridge. Bailey’s old night spot was originally there. It was the place to go in the 1950s.*****I’m amazed by the craftsmen working on the new Bridge City Walgreen’s store. They are efficient and quick. It’s one of the few construction jobs I’ve seen where you can see a big difference every day. I see problems ahead, however, when they open in September and school is started. Traffic is already horrible when workers and school students get off in the afternoons. The city will need a turning lane from Bland to Texas Avenue or a light at Bland. The problem will be exaggerated with Ferry closed for two years and the police wanting to ticket you for using John Street. Everything will bottleneck at Texas 87 and Roundbunch. I hope someone is planning a solution.*****Phil Gramm, Godfather of John McCain’s economic plan, “No whining, here’s the Vaseline jar,” is a lot like Dick Cheney’s energy plan, put together by Ken Lay and the secret committee. Bend over and bare it.***** Jessie Jackson wants to castrate Obama. He can see the day fast coming when the chickens won’t come home to roost. It’s a new generation of black Americans who have found a new leader who, unlike Jackson, doesn’t promote division or racism. Ninety percent of Martin Luther King’s dream has come to pass and if Obama is elected president Jessie’s message will be old hat. Jackson and Al Sharpton have lived for years off of contributions for fighting the fight. There won’t be anymore fights and that’s why he wanted to cut the sack off of Barack. He would be the brother looking out for them when Obama talks down to them. Also, Jessie is one of AWOL dads Barack spoke of. Jessie is finished, his day in the sun has set. Gotta move on.

J.B. Jones, B.J. Graham, Cassey Polk, Marlin McKinney, Phil Dickman, Clarence Dale Newton, Lorie Dubose, Mary Dorsey, Carlis Roy, Deborah Ashcraft, Don Hightower, Harold Lonadier, Jessie Brown, Cheryl Richard, Cynthia Chataignier, Don Fields, Harry Barclay, Kurt Moerbe, Marion Whittle, Matthew McKinney, Michael Hoke, Robin Thibodeaux, Rusty Nicks, Dorothy Hagy, Melissa Martin, Paige Williams, Preston Wayne Sullivan, Amanda Stephson, Kenyettia Foster, Megan Stephson, Rebecca Toal, Amiel Leleux, Danika Dubose, Joel Bourdier, Patricia Tamplim and Rocky DeCuir.

Maurice Comeaux and Clovis Abshire were into dere second hour of drinking suds at Tee-Boy’s Bar and Grill wen da conversation turned to having nerve and bravery.
Maurice says, “I’ll tell you wat having real guts is,”
Tee-Boy , standing behind da bar axe, “Wat’s dat hanh?”
“Well,” Maurice say, it’s coming home late after a night out wit Kee-Kee, Lu-Lu and da boys, met at da door by you wife wit a broom and having da guts to axe, “Hey, Babe, are you still cleaning or are you flying somewhere.”
Clovis say, “I’ll tell you wat having balls is.”
Tee-Boy say, “Wat’s dat?”
Well, it’s coming home late, late, after a night out wit da guys, smelling of perfume and beer, lipstick on you collar and slapping your wife on da butt and having da balls to say, “You’re next fatty.”

The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will not gather this week. Next week, July 23, the Lunch Bunch will mark its 10th anniversary. Everyone is invited to attend for an annual photo op and lunch at Robert’s. *****Monday President Bush used his executive privilege to lift the ban on offshore drilling claiming it will bring down gas prices. It won’t. Oil companies can’t drill the 68,000 leases they now have. We need help now not 10 years from now and Bush is just trying to divert attention from his failed polices. It’s just another move to fool the American people. T-Boone says we can’t drill ourselves out of this problem. He’s right, we do need leadership.*****The charred body of a soldier, Holley Winunc, was discovered in a shallow grave in North Carolina. She was getting a divorce from John Winunc, charged with murder. A conspirator is also charged. This kind of murder is on the rise with female soldiers. Holley is the third in the last few months.*****The cover of the New York Magazine is such an extreme it’s over the top and will turn people toward Obama because it’s mean-spirited and so ridiculously tasteless and was designed to portray untruths.*****The Taliban kills nine U.S. soldiers Sunday in Afghanistan. Poor planning by the U.S. military is being blamed for placing our boys near the Pakistan border in a Taliban stronghold. Information of the presence of the Talaban wasn’t furnished by our intelligence. I still believe Pakastan is the most dangerous country on earth. I hope I’m never proved correct.*****Thanks for your time, mine is long gone. Please read us cover to cover and patronize our advertisers. Take care and God bless America.