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Ever wonder if your house was haunted or you just had an over active imagination? The Texas Society of Paranormal Investigators can help you find those answers. Saturday, a group of new ghost hunter hopefuls were taken on their first investigation to a cemetery located in Orange with some interesting results.

Before the amatuer sleuthing, the “ghostbusters-in-training” went through an orientation meeting to go over instruments and techniques. The society is a serious group of investigators that attempt to gather scientific evidence of the paranormal or debunk what is not.

Very active within Southeast Texas, TSPI welcomes anyone that would like to be a part of a scientific-based paranormal group.

Meeting at least once a month, they currently have active investigations at several locations.

Utilizing industry standard equipment, they capture electronic voice phenomenon (EVPs), video evidence and photographs of paranormal activity. 

Newcomers showed up at the monthly meeting Saturday after a broadcast about the group on an area station.

Founder and lead investigator Don explained procedures, demonstrated equipment used and answered questions. Some people brought photographs for evaluation and were very satisfied with the results.

After a short break, the group reconvened at a cemetery in the Orange area to start an investigation.

About 30 minutes into the investigation, there was a scream. Group Researcher Lily reported being “pushed down.” She said it was like someone ran and hit her with both hands in the chest. The blow was reported hard enough to knock the breath out of her. Upon later examination at home, she did bear “hickey-like marks” on her chest.

Recordings of that night also yielded EVPs of both a female and male voice at the time of attack. Because of Lily’s shreik, what the voices said was undiscernable.

Don said, “There are three levels of EVPs. [No. 1] are clear and distinct. [No. 2] are more difficult to understand what they say.

With [No. 3], clearly something was there but you can’t tell what they are saying.” Lily’s was type 2, but her cry overshadowed it enough to not make it out.”

The grave in question had a broom on it. “I was asking who they were? What was their name?” Lily said. “There was no headstone, no marker.” She was asking if the broom was some sort of tradition.

Lily said of the female voice on the tape, “Seriously, I believe she was telling me to get away.”

Other recorders also revealed EVPs and there were a few interesting photographs taken that night.

“There is something going on there,” said Don. The cemetery is being put on a list for further investigation.

The organization welcomes all who seriously want to explore the realm of the paranormal.

“If you feel that you are ready to investigate things that go bump in the night then the Texas Society of Paranormal Investigators is the group for you,” said Don. He added the group doesn’t have anything to do with Wiccan, ouija boards or seances. “I don’t want anything to do with that, we’re science based.”

TSPI just scheduled an open investigation, Saturday, July 19, at 7:00 p.m. There will be a $5 charge to help defray cost of an infrared camera rental for this special event. Those interested must contact Don to reserve space by Friday evening. They will meet at 7 p.m. in the Best Buy parking lot near IHOP located at Eastex Freeway (hwy 69, 96) and Dowlin Road in Beaumont. The investigation will be of two cemeteries and will last until midnight or later.

If there is enough interest after that, they will go to Bragg road.

The group has set an outing Sept. 20 in Hunstville that nonmembers can join. “The plan is to visit the Sam Houston Memorial Museum where things have flown off the desk in an office and then a short drive to a cemetery where several paranormal groups have caught ectoplasm in photos,” said Don.

There will be a charge of $5 to $10 to nonmembers to cover the cost of the tour and expenses.

On the fun side, TSPI plans a Halloween photo savenger hunt and costume contest fundraiser Oct. 31.

For a small fee, groups of two to three will complete a tour of Historical Beaumont gathering photographs on digital cameras only (no cellphones). There will be prizes awarded for various things with the grand prize going to the group that collects the most required pictures in four hours.

TSPI is also making plans for a large hunt to San Antonio early next year.

Investigations are every two weeks, but tour numbers are limited on some.

If you are interested in joining TSPI, call Don at 769-1457 or go to to fill out an application. The fee is $10 for each of the first three months, then drops to $3 a month to help with administrative costs and equipment. Be sure to bring digital cameras, flashlight, bug spray, digital recorders and camcorders if you have them. Happy hunting.

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