Local author Katie Moak visited students participating in Superkids summer camp at Lamar University .  The Southeast Texas native shared her latest children’s book, titled “Napoleon and the Hurricane,” with an enthusiastic audience.  Her visit was part of the week-long Superkids summer camp at the Early Childhood Development Center for students entering first through third grades in the fall.

On Wednesday, Moak shared the story of a poodle named Napoleon and the day Hurricane Rita hit Beaumont .  According to Margaret Swope, director of the Early Childhood Development Center , “Napoleon and the Hurricane” teaches children the importance of having self-respect and accepting others who are from different backgrounds.

“I think the kids learn that we’re all alike inside and, no matter what we look like or what handicaps we have, we should still care about each other and take care of each other; lessons everyone should value,” Moak said.  “When people ask me what age group this book was aimed at, I say it goes all the way from pre-K to ninety-something years old because all ages read it, even old people.”

“Napoleon and the Hurricane” is the first book in a series that will highlight the adventures of Napoleon and her friends.

The camp began its last session on July 14 and will include another visit from Moak on Wednesday, July 16.  For more information about the Superkids summer camp, contact Swope at (409) 880-8098.

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