Most of the area is way behind on normal rainfall, however some areas have been getting small showers now and then. We got a pretty good shower here at the Creaux’s Nest last week. Three blocks east of us didn’t get a drop. In fact east Bridge City has had only two inches of rain in 14 weeks. Everything is burning up; even large trees are stressed. Longtime residents of Dugas Addition say they don’t recall when May, June and July have been so dry. Most of the area east of Texas Avenue has been in a doughnut hole, often with showers all around. The area is 14 inches below normal rainfall. Don’t take my word for it, just ask the people trying to keep plants alive like Gerald Morris, Carolyn Bearden, Mary Ann Cruse, Tonka Hoosier, Mary and Huel Fontonot, Barbara Childress or anyone else in the area. What irks most residents is not that their water bills go up but none of that water hitting the ground goes through the sewer system; yet they are charged a bunch for sewer use. Maybe Dolly, due to hit land around the Rio Grande Valley, will help stir up the Gulf and bring welcomed rain. If the same pattern holds it will take more than a 30 percent chance to fall in the doughnut hole. It has been interesting to watch on radar. Rain will come through Sabine Lake, break up and circle Bridge City. Maybe this is the week the doughnut hole will fill up. Five inches wouldn’t hurt but don’t bet on getting it. Just a good shower would be welcome and a little cool spell would help. *****I’ve got to get going, got a long way to go and I’m running a day late. Hop on and come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.
We were deeply saddened to learn about the death of Margaret Saint. She and Dot Eshbach over the years cut a wide path down the highways and bi-ways with their national and international travels. Margaret’s death was unexpected. She was in the hospital for what was supposed to be routine surgery. At age 87, nothing is routine. Their life would make a great movie, “Two old gals on the road.” Margaret will be missed by everyone who knew her. See obit and Roy’s “Life’s Highway” column. *****We were also sorry to learn that Ivan Cain, 87, died July 17. He and Frances were married 66 years. He’s another member of the Kroger Koffee Klub to pass on. A great bunch of guys who have met for coffee at Kroger for many years. Please see obit.
The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will celebrate its 10th anniversary at Robert’s Restaurant Wednesday, noon sharp. Everyone who has attended at anytime over the years is urged to attend. The gathering was started by the late Judge Grover Halliburton, Judge Claude Wimberly, Roy Dunn, Rev. Leo Anderson, Parker “P.T.” Thompson and Jack Lovet. Others soon joined in the group that has no agenda, just good fellowship and a way to stay in touch with what is going on around the county. No dues, no membership, just good folks breaking bread together and enjoying old and new friendships. Everyone is always welcome.
30 Years Ago-1978
GSU is putting on a microwave workshop; learn to cook and the general use of the microwave oven. (Editor’s note: Can you believe that just 30 years ago, people were taking lessons on how to use the new microwave. Today we couldn’t make it without one.)*****Pinehurst Mayor A.R. Morgan, other city officials and area dignitaries cut ribbon for opening for the new K-Mart to open July 29 on MacArthur Drive. *****Roy Dunn’s account of his travels through the Southwest continues. “With my friend Conley Windell, I started on this trek over a week ago, traveling the back roads of the Southwest and taking in all our eyeballs could stand. We put in long days, rising at 4 a.m. with bedtime at midnight. My sidekick was the trail cook, serving fresh fire brewed coffee along with a big breakfast, before daylight in the cool, fresh mountain air. At night camp he served up choice steak or sometimes fried fresh trout from a nearby creek. One night around 10:30 p.m., just passed Hoover Dam, millions of lights, like a large mirage, appeared 20 off miles away in the middle of the desert. Ahead was the world’s most famous watering hole. Hot, hungry and ready for an indoor bath, the sight of Las Vegas was not only beautiful at this time of night, but also very welcomed. Over 400,000 visitors had come to the Mecca in the desert. My dad Clay use to say, “Vegas is where the sheep go to get sheared.” You name the game and someone will provide it. No other place in the world is like it and will never be duplicated.” (Next week part 3)*****Ace and Jo Amodeo have just returned from riding a mule through the terrains of Colorado. *****Wayne Morse has found a pot of gold in the Lakeview community of Vidor. He has purchased a store and home there. He and wife Sherry have moved from Bridge City. Wilson Roberts has been hired to carry all the money to the bank. *****The Rev. Charles T. Broussard is new pastor of First Baptist Church in West Orange. He is a 1954 grad of Orangefield. He, wife Bonnie and son Bill live on Ollie Road.
What do you believe gas at the pump will be selling for come Election Day in November? If it’s not around $3, or say $2.98 a gallon, McCain doesn’t have a chance. Big oil knows that. We should start to see prices come down slowly soon and be near $3 come October. *****We were sorry to hear that our buddy and longtime Record and Enterprise newspaper carrier Francis Hogg suffered a heart attack in Beaumont last week. She was just a few blocks from the hospital. They fixed her up with a stent and she’s doing all right now. For 10 years, she has delivered our County Record and always does a great job. We wish this sweetheart the best. *****Our friend Cal Broussard is not at 100 percent after his surgery, but he’s getting there. A report test in Houston last week shows his ulcer has quit bleeding. *****The American Legion Post 250 honored Walter Gaston, founder of the Penny Record, last week. Walter was one of the founders and charter members of that post. *****The Bridge City Lion’s Club was thankful to Johnny and Darlene Montagne for donation of a moonwalk. I haven’t heard if Johnny demonstrated it. *****Tickets to the big “Bayou Bash” starring Wayne Toups, Saturday, Aug. 9, at VFW Post 2775 in Orange are available at Gunn Studio, on Green Ave. in Orange or the Penny Record, 333 Roundbunch, Bridge City. For VIP sponsorship tables or more info contact, Liza at 651-6090 or Marc Carter, 882-1922. The Hunter Krewe, Larry Hunter for state Representative of District 19, is sponsoring the “Bash”. Food will be served. Get your tickets now.*****We hear former Bridge City baseball player John Dishon, now at LSU, is playing baseball in the Chicago area this summer.*****”A Life That Was Changed” by Richard Hargrave appears on the church page. It is a touching story about how a man with Parkinson’s disease was cured when there is supposedly no cure for the disease. The healing is a true God sent miracle. Read the story, it’s very touching. *****Last week President George Bush invoked executive privilege to avoid turning over records of the FBI interview of hatchet man, vice president Dick Cheney’s subpoena by Congress in the CIA leak case. Lewis “Scooter” Libby has already taken the fall in the outing of Valerie Plame Wilson. He was convicted of perjury. It’s probably a sure bet he will get a full pardon from Bush before he leaves office. Bush has nothing to lose; he’ll probably leave office with the lowest rating of any U.S. president. *****Happy birthday to 95-year-old B.J. Jones. A big party was held in his honor at the ranch of grandson, Dr. David Jones Saturday evening. B.J. is the father of Dr. Jimmy Jones and Cynthia (Mrs. Dan) Hooks. All had a great time. Read about it in a story by Mike Louviere. *****Happy birthday also (July 22) to Dale Newton. He sleeps with sweet Granny when he’s not slaving at the seafood store. *****Best wishes to Ryan Kimbrough on July 25. *****Happy anniversary to Linda and Brown Claybar who celebrate July 22 and to Janice and Pete Gresham whose big day is July 24. *****Robert Hankins has written a very interesting story on the railroad swing bridge over the Sabine River. It was built in 1903. I believe that was before the first auto came to Orange. Dr. Brown owned the first vehicle around 1904. Mark got a nice shot of the old bridge but it wasn’t easy.
Randy Barker, Kayla Kahl, Andrew McClure, Jeff Anderson, Keazie Cappel, Paige Dohmann, Travis Estes, Albert Bates, Daniel Peet, Jim Reves, Linda Brinson, Ralph Rucker, Renee Newson, James Rucker, Judy Batchelor, Lee Harris, Madge Fontenot, Marie Burns, Marsha Brown, Misty Cappel, Mutt Eason, Ryan Kimbrough, Bobby Batchelor, Evelyn Toney, Allison Jeans, Larry Wingate, Laura Berman, Lisa Simmons, Marie Slaton, Bruce Perkins, Doug Richter, Helen Philen , Joseph Whitehead, Paula Richey, Regina Cameron, Allison Donnell, Angela Rhodes, Bro W.E. Gambling, Chaelynn Wilson, Chris Abshire, Dr. Rollie Allen, Florence Pelham, Hannah O’Grady, Jeff Fruge, Lisa Faulk, Nancy Bourgeois, Rev Leo Anderson and Rollie Allen.

Marie Brasseaux and Clotile Comeaux, two ladies who are pillars at the Calvary Baptist Church in Crowley, went grocery shopping at Tee-Bruce’s Food Center. Wen dem two ladies happened to pass by da beer, wine and liquor section, Marie axe Clotile if she would like one of dem beers.
Clotile said, “It would be very nice to have one but me, I would feel uncomfortable about buying it.”
Marie replied, “Clotile, don’t worry about dat no, I’ll handle dat me witout a problem.” She picked up a six-pack of Miller Light and took it to da checkout.
Maurice, da cashier, had a surprised look, so Marie, da good Baptist sister, said, “Dis is for washing our hair.”
Without blinking an eye Mauriece reach under da counter and put a package of pretzel sticks in da bag wit da beer and says, “The curlers are on me.”
Barack Obama is having a successful trip overseas. Iraqi Prime Minister al Maliki has endorsed Obama’s plan to leave Iraq. Now President Bush is using different language that means the same thing Obama has been saying. That leaves McCain as odd man out. The reason Sen. Joe Lieberman has been shadowing McCain everywhere is that Joe doesn’t want him to forget about staying in Iraq 100 years. Lieberman’s entire interest in keeping American troops in the area is so Israel won’t be left naked. The Bush Administration likes to use words like “Coalition” but there are only Americans in Iraq. The United States is carrying the whole load, in lives and money. If the U.S. leaves, the Jews are left all alone surrounded by Arabs. Our friendship with Israel at times is very costly but we won’t leave them totally naked and exposed. For that reason I believe that now we are there, we will never totally leave regardless of who is elected president. We have a better chance to remove more troops and concentrate on Afghanistan under the Obama plan than McCain and Lieberman’s plan. If we are forced out of Iraq, under McCain the U.S. would find a reason to attack Iran, keeping troops in the vicinity of Israel. McCain is on the wrong side of the argument. Also, you can bet Obama will surround himself with the very best people available, experts in every field, from foreign policy to domestic problems. That’s why McCain sounds desperate. His ideas are locked to the past and major change is needed to rebuild America’s friendship around the world. Bush has a 28-percent rating and McCain offers more of the same. The McCain of 2000 would never vote for the McCain of 2008. He’s made a 90-degree turn, unfortunately in the wrong way.*****The weather channel predicts Dolly is due to hit the Texas Coast Wednesday evening with flash flood warnings for us. What we need is an all-day rain. Another big disturbance is coming out of Africa. Temperatures in the Gulf are 90 degrees so it’s ripe for storms. We need to stay in high pressure so it will go elsewhere (but we’ll take the rain). *****My time has run out. Thanks for yours. Please shop the good folks who bring you Orange County’s most widely read paper. Read us cover to cover, our staff works hard for you. Thanks for your loyalty and support. Take care and God bless.