Marriage License Issued By The Office Of Karen Jo Vance, Orange County ClerkFor The Week of July 14, 2008 Through July 18, 2008

Adam L. Perry and Rachel E. Shue, Michael A. Van Arsdale and Jolin McCloud, Shane T. Carey and Grace A. Vaussine, Carey W. Green and Rhonda M. McAuliffe, Byron T. Ellis and Ashley J. Terry, James R. Stone and Sheila S. Ballesteros, Eric R. Carver and Donna L. Gunter, William H. Williams and Katie E. Ezell, Shawn P. Burgamy and Yvonne D. Leonard, Kenneth C. Tolman and Ramona G. Twiner, Martin L. Scott and Charissa D. Adams, Clayton L. Harrison and Shandi R. King, Marcus W. Campbell and Lauren M. Argo, Brady A. Nagel and Lindsay K. Roberts,  Brandon S. Aldridge and Kindra S. McGraw