Marriage License Issued By
The Office Of Karen Jo Vance, Orange County Clerk
For The Week of August 4, 2008 Through August 8, 2008

 Jimmy W. Smith and Valerie D. Williams
Ronald Escamilla and Vera K. Ashworth
Jeremy R. Haylett and Felicia R. VanBenthuysen
Warren R. Johns Jr. and Kristen L. Gunter
Milford Q. Nichols Jr. and Denise M. Babineaux
David E. Sonnier and Debra D. Lawrence
William D. Triggs and Jerrel D. Fairchild
Douglas D. Claybrook and Carlena A. Waltrip
Michael A. Louviere and Jane H. Cameron
Brandon O. Tubbleville and Amanda E. Dans
Tommy J. Parrott and Leah P. Bantolinao
Daniel R. Pittman and Ashlee N. Willmon
Claude R. Martin and Heather L. Derr
Jeffrey S. Peveto and Erika C. White
Nathan L. West and Stephanie C. Langley
Gregory L. Ballew and Leslee E. Peth
Derek G. Roark and Alice J. Raley
Jarrod T. Odom and LeyAnna L. Rashall
Thomas C. Wilson and Laysha M. Rosenblad
Charles W. Rosier and Laveda J. Murphy
Dale E. Clark Jr. and Misty D. Mouton
Christopher J. LeLeux and Stephanie N. Holmes
Ronnie D. Spears and Valerie R. Turner
Oleg Crismar and Victoria Dimitriu