The Orange City Council has several important items on the agenda for the meeting of August 12.

The council is expected to enter into an agreement with Spanky’s Bar-B-Que, Inc. to sell beer to patrons at events sponsored by the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau of the City of Orange. This item has been discussed in past meetings and the agreement is written and action should be taken at this meeting to approve the agreement.

There has been discussion between the city and the West Orange-Cove CISD regarding the closure of 13th Street between Green Avenue and Pine Avenue.

WOCCISD School Board President stated the school district wants improve the entire district, making it more attractive to potential citizens.

Also under consideration, is the city’s participation in a major project to improve drainage in the area. A motion approving this issue is expected to pass.

Among the first reading of ordinances to be passed is one regarding the property on FM 1442 and IH 10 currently zoned R-1. The zoning will be changed to “IDC”. Located on the southwest corner of the intersection of FM 1442 and IH 10, the property is part of the Interstate Development Corridor.

“This rezoning will make the store legal with their use,” said Jimmie Lewis, Director of Planning and Community Development.

Lloyd’s RV dealership across from the store is not included in the ordinance.

The request for the property being discussed was a voluntary annexation so the store could sell beer and wine. Since this was voluntary, the city is not required to provide services such as water and sewer.

The council will consider a resolution regarding the completion of Interstate 10 from Adams Bayou to the Texas State Line. The Texas Department of Transportation has stated that the funding is not available to finish the project. The City of Orange is expected to pass the resolution asking the state to finish the project based on the need for safer driving conditions and also to improve access to the cities. Similar resolutions have been passed by the Cities of Pinehurst and Bridge City.

Orange is expected to take action on a request by Orange Navy, LP, an Itex company, to waive the liens placed on 14 of the properties located in the Navy Park area. Totaling $4,789.64, the liens, were placed against the properties to regain the cost of demolition after Hurricane Rita damaged them beyond repair. Funding is available to rebuild 115 Navy Park dwelling units. Of 179 structures, 52 are slated to be demolished and new contemporary structures built in their place. Orange Navy, LP is working with the Texas Historical Commission regarding all work done in the Navy Park area.

Acknowledgement of the City of Orange proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2009, is likely to be acted on at this meeting.

The City Council Meetings are held at the Library Auditorium located at 220 N. 5th Street.