Every four years we have the joy of watching and pulling for the USA in the summer Olympic events. Every four years, people of the United States pick their president, the most powerful position on earth. I marvel at what our young athletes must go through for years just for a shot at making it to the world’s biggest show. I watched the U.S. basketball team, Coby Bryant and company, mess around and beat China 101-70. I don’t see how any team, from any country, could ever stay on the court with those multi-millionaires who make a living being the best in the world. Some say it seems unfair because they are not amateurs. Other countries, however, support and pay their athletes year-round. Some have suggested we make our team up from the college ranks. It would never work, and I don’t believe we would ever win. I’ve watched some crazy events, like men’s handball. Where in the world did that game get started? Michael Phelps aims for a world record, eight gold metals. He got seven in Athens. If he makes it, the world will declare the U.S. swimmer the world’s best athlete but not the best-looking. I wonder how many working hours will be spent watching the happenings in Beijing. One good thing about it is that it will take us into high school football. I look for some exciting games. Don’t be fooled by last year’s records.*****Roy has been off sick with what is believed to be flu. He missed his former classmate Ned Theall, who came by Friday. We understand Ned and his Boogie Kings, along with G.G. Shinn, EAZY, Jerry LaCroix and Percy Sledge put on a great show Saturday night. The place was packed. Ned and Roy attended Abbeville High School together along with Bobby Charles and Warren Storm. Rockin’ Sidney attended what was called “the colored school” and Sammy Kershaw, born in Abbeville, attended school in Kaplan.*****Our friend next door, H.D. Pate, is having heart procedure in Houston Monday. We hope everything goes well. H.D. will be away at least two weeks barring any complications.*****Gotta move on. Come along, it won’t do you no harm.
For some reason I wasn’t really surprised when word broke last week that John Edwards had fessed up that he had an extra marital affair. I’d be surprised if it was just one. He and his videographer, Rielle Hunter, made love on more than one hot afternoon. He says her baby ain’t his. I’m sure that good-looking John had a lot of opportunities laid at his feet. John didn’t learn from mistakes made by Clinton, Gov. Elliot Spitzer, Sen. Gary Hart, Speaker Newt Gingrich or Sen. David Vitter to name just a few. Edwards said in his confession / statement he became increasingly egocentric and narcissist. Here’s exactly what John said at the hearings about Clinton and the Monica affair. We quote, “He has shown a remarkable disrespect for his office, the moral dimensions of leadership, his friends, his wife and his precious daughter. It is breath taken to me the level to which that disrespect has risen.” Yes sir, old John said that about Bill. What really would have really ticked off the Demos is if Edwards was the parties nominee when this came out. I believe some big-footed people are expecting a shoe like that to fall on Obama. Won’t happen. I believe that gal he’s married to would kill him. In Edward’s case folks can put up with infidelity, it happens all around us every day. You may even know someone who had an affair today. Hypocrisy is the one thing Americans won’t put up with. John Edwards is done, put a fork in him.
30 Years Ago-1978
Members of the Evergreen Cemetery board ask the public for help for the restoration and preservation of the cemetery. The cemetery had deteriorated when the committee took over in 1977. The perpetual fund produces an income of only $1300 per year, 9 cents per space. Board members are Jules David, Roy Wingate, Montreal Turner, Arlene Peet, Major Inman, Frances Reid, J.D. Stanfield, Georgia Singletary, Bonnie Sloan, Douglas Delaney and W.B. Hilliard. (Editor’s note: In the past 30 years many of the above named board members have been laid to rest in Evergreen.)*****Darrell Segura, a member of Second Baptist and the Followers, a singing gospel group, performs at First Baptist in Bridge City. Brother Charlie Walton is the pastor. *****Santa Claus look alike, auctioneer W.E. Hancock, sells off holdings of the Williams brother’s Mauriceville saw mill. The mill, owned by H.P. and C.L. Williams burned down twice, once in 1955 and once in 1966. Their dad “Buck,”, an Arkansas saw miller, started the mill in 1945. A seven-foot band saw and planning mill, powered by steam and electricity, along with many other it ems and all the lumber was sold. *****Last week Wanda Beth and Ed White became the proud parents of an 11-pound, 7-ounce son who they named Joseph Chester after the two grandfathers. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Chester Holts and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ed White. (Editor’s note: I understand this week Chester is taking a bride. I believe that’s what pretty Tony said. *****Vera and Gerald Dolly are the proud grandparents of a baby girl, Tory Gail Charrier. Parents are Daryl and Violet Charrier. (Editor’s note: I remember that occasion. I can’t believe it’s been 30 years.)*****Jim Dugas, the barber, relocates his “Sports Den” to a new, modern barbershop. The new location is on 16th Street in the Cooper building across from Kroger in Orange. *****Roy and his late friend Conley Windell continue their trek across the southwest. We lifted some excerpt from his 1978 writings. “If we pride ourselves on our ethnicity and diversity, we also must realize that pragmatically the bloodlines have meshed over the centuries. In the southwest part of the United States it is clear that heritage, history, culture, legends, cuisines, tastes and manners owe as much to the Spanish and the Indians as to the cowboys and other settlers. The southwest can claim the oldest culture in American history. The best way to sustain one’s sense of history is to drive through its towns, villages and hammocks, visit the natives and be enriched in their culture. A fascinating journey and one my friend Conley and I would always remember. To make sure, I recorded on cassette tape the events of each day. Conley, who has probably read every western book written, wanted to see Santa Fe, N.M. That meant I had to cross above Flagstaff, Arizona, over to Gallup into Santa Fe. He was so impressed with the place that he talked about moving there. Santa Fe is one of my favorite places also. It’s just so uniquely different. I see why so many famous people have moved here. (Editor’s note: Roy later traveled the southwest many times and always made it a point to spend time in Santa Fe and the mountains above it.) We made our way to Taos and Red River. Any cowboy-minded person would love Taos. We weaved our way around Albuquerque and headed back to Arizona.” (To be continued.)
State Rep. Mike Hamilton’s problems with ethics didn’t just start. You can trace them back to Tom DeLay, even before Mike ran for office. Several reports have been made in the past and people just ignored them. Now the Associated Press is reporting that Hamilton has many violations, including mixing campaign spending with personal business and putting family members on the payroll. Apart from payments Mike had multiple errors and problems stemming from faulty and incomplete reporting on his personal financial statement to the Texas ethics commission. Hamilton also reported more than $25,000 from dealings with a lobbyist; he didn’t however list his name. I don’t believe Mike can continue to do those things and the voters not wake up. A lot of money will be spent by the Texas Republican Party and Speaker Tom Caddrick to keep Hamilton’s “me too” vote in the Texas House. *****Elvis’ daughter, Lisa Marie, age 40, and her fourth husband, which included Michael Jackson, are expecting twins. Husband Michael Lockwood is a musician. *****John Madden will start his 29th year of network NFL broadcasting. The 72-year-old former football player and coach married Ms. Virginia in 1959 and have two sons Joe and Mike. At age 32, after only two seasons as linebacker coach with Oakland he became the youngest lead coach in the American football league. His .759 regular season winning percentage ranks as highest among coaches with 100 career victories. His Raiders beat the Vikings 32-14 in Super Bowl XL. He started television broadcasting in 1979 with CBS, Fox in 1994, ABC in 2002 and NBC in 2006. He was the first to use a chalkboard in broadcasting, allowing him to draw a circle around players on the screen. His All-Madden team is always a big hit. Then there’s the product he’s most known for, the Madden NFL video game, with more than 70 million copies sold. Madden NFL ‘09 hits retailers at midnight Tuesday and will most likely fly off the shelves. *****Robert Novak, conservative columnist, has brain cancer. Novak is the writer who published CIA Valerie Plame’s name after she was outed by the Bush Administration. *****Bernard Jeffrey “Bernie Mac” McCullough, age 50, died Aug. 9 from pneumonia complications. *****Singer Isaac Hayes, 65, died Aug. 10, just 10 days short of his 66th birthday. With his shaved head, “Black Moses” and “Shaft” made Hayes a 70’s icon. He won an Oscar in 1972 for best song. *****Tax free weekend coming up Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can save a few dollars. *****Thirty-nine years ago, 1969, Woodstock went on for three days, Aug. 16, 17, and 18. It is still considered the biggest party ever. *****On August 16, 1977, Elvis was found dead in his bathroom. He was 42 years old. *****On Aug. 16, Madonna will be 50. She’s lived three lifetimes in the last 30 years. *****Happy anniversary on Aug. 16, to Mike and Sandra Hoke. Best wishes for many more healthy ones. *****Next Tuesday, Aug. 19, our girl Tammy Davis, a member of our staff who helps advertisers get more for their money with total coverage, will celebrate a birthday. What a gal. Should you run into Shaun Davis’ little wife extend best wishes. She’s the most grateful person we know. She’ll appreciate it. Tammy shares a birthday with former President Bill Clinton, the best president in her lifetime. *****On Monday, Aug. 18, Robert Redford will reach age 72 and Patrick Swayze will be 56. Just the other day it seems those old boys were youngsters. *****Van Choate got his “Hush Puppies” place opened on Texas Ave. in Bridge City. He’s getting rave reviews, even Neighbor Cox is singing praises for the great food. *****Former University of Texas and Houston Oilier standout Earl Campbell, is back home recovering after having back surgery in Houston. Earl, in the last four years, has been forced to use a walker and wheelchair. Football took it’s total on the Tyler Rose. *****The New York Jets will pick up a few local fans with Brett Farve as field general. Roy received a signed football from Brett when he was with  Green Bay.*****Congrats to Robert Walker, Rebecca Bryant, Ashley Gregg, Ashley Raley, Chris Wolfe of Orange and Jeffery Peveto Jr. of Bridge City. All were part of the LSC-PA summer commencement. *****A big crowd had a great time at Larry Hunter’s big Wayne Toups Bash Saturday night at the VFW. It was a nice kickoff for Hunter’s campaign for state representative. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will venture on down to Van Choate’s. A nice drive to Mauriceville and the food is always special. Everyone is welcome at noon.
Terry Walles, Dean Grant, Deborah Bayliss, Jared Sleeman, Jennifer Babin, Ken Phelps, Lyn Goodwin, Monty Eshbach, Wade Estes, Aaron MacCammond, Ada Bridges, Andrew Glover, Jerry Windham, Kevin Berry, Lindsey Schaffer, Myrtle Singletary, Bill Triggs, Britanie Harrington, Charlotte Conn, Christina Myers, Gavyn Fisher, Kristie Gunn, Valerie Richter, Brandi Arnold, Norma Smith, Beth Holm, Christine Johnson, Gwen Boehme, Joe Sanders, John Everett, Jordan New, Karen Day, Nancy Finchum, Shandi Conner, Dagma Hood, Danielle Heil, Henry Bland, Jane Busby, Carolyn Ward, Gene Hidalgo, Helen Gresham, Ian MacCammond, Linda Tibbitts, Maggie Joubert, Nancy Weidner, Ryan Prejean, Ted Shensky, Terry Ford.CAJUN STORY OF THE WEEK
Robie Premeaux and Tee-Dan Picoux left Forked Island in a pirogue boat. Dey travel da Vermillion River into Abbeville. While dere dey picked up a few items and a Sears catalog. After getting back to Forked Island, dey looked at da catalog and admired all da pretty models. Picoux said to Premeaux, “I tink I’m gonna order one of dem pretty gals in da catalog me.”
Premeaux sat, “Dey sho pretty dem, and Keyaw, da price is cheap.”
Tee-Dan says, “I got dat much, I’m gonna buy me one.”
Premeaux slap him on da back, “Great idea Tee-Dan, you order one and if she’s pretty like in da catalog, I’m gonna get me one.”
A few weeks went by den Premeaux axe Picoux, “Did you get da girl you ordered from da book?”
Tee-Dan replied, “Mais no, not yet but it won’s be long now, I got her clothes yesterday.
Things are strange around here this week. I’ve been gone a couple of days and got behind and with Roy off sick and not here to bail me out, I’m afraid the column is a little weak.*****One thing that’s for sure, gas prices continue to drop. We predicted, in this column, that “Big Oil” would do all they could to help Republican candidates out by dropping gas prices before the election. I bet they are shooting for $2.98 a gallon to help McCain. Frankly, I don’t see anything over $2 as a bargain. Before Bush’s reelection, prices had dropped $1 a gallon. *****Opening ceremonies of the Olympics can never be duplicated, never before; never again will that spectacular be topped. China went all out.*****Rain is on the way. The weather man says a cold front is approaching and it will get down to 93 degrees. I wonder what the temperature would be if it was just a cool front?***** Moscow responded to Georgia’s assault. The former Soviet Republic launched a military assault aimed at reclaiming the break away province of South Ossetia. Russia responded aggressively by also bombing the Georgian capital. Russia is testing the United States. President Bush visited with Putin in China and looked into his eyes. I wonder what he saw. The last time he said, “I looked into his eyes and saw his soul.” It will be interesting to see if the U.S. takes the bait. *****A last minute farewell by George and Dick. Watch McCain seize the moment. *****I’ve gotta get out of here. Roy, get well soon before I get us all in trouble. Take care and God bless.

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