The Bridge City school district found itself in a unique position for the upcoming school year, having to replace three principals.
Kelly McBride is the new principal at Bridge City Middle School, replacing Scott Mackey who resigned. A graduate of Lamar University with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in science, she is working working on her doctorate from Stephen F. Austin State.

Her previous experience has been in the Beaumont school as an administrator for the last five years. She spent time as an assistant principal and as Curriculum Coordinator.

“I am pleased to be a member of the Bridge City school system,” she said. “I have been hoping to be a part of this system for a number of years. I am ready to go to work and see great things accomplished this year.” The majority of her childhood was spent in Nederland. She later moved to Wyoming. “I was really glad to come back to Nederland. Wyoming is very pretty, but there is also a lot of empty country and cold weather,” said McBride, who lives in Nederland with her son, Brandon.

The assistant principal position at the middle school was opened when Kent Broussard was re-assigned as principal at Sims Elementary. Broussard replaced former principal Tammie Skelton, who resigned.

Broussard’s position at the middle school was filled by Kevin Jones. In addition to serving as assistant principal, Jones will continue to serve as varsity line coach and coach of the boy’s and girl’s powerlifting teams.

Earlier this year, Richard Briggs was hired to replace Gina Mannino as principal of Bridge City High School. Mannino has become executive director of curriculum for the district.

Briggs and Mannino assumed their new duties July 1.