The next to last night of the Aces High Series brought no changes in points standings.

Rodeo Director Coleman Peveto showed riders the custom-designed buckle the winner will put on his belt at the end of the next session of bull riding at the Texas Longhorn Club. The black and gold buckle made by Broken Arrow Buckles will be awarded on Aug. 29. With the series ending Aug. 19 and the points close, the final night will be exciting. At stake will be the buckle, valued at $500, and the $250 added money.In the lead for the series is Nathan Dupry with 19 points, followed with a tie for second between Daniel Jetton and Justin Wilson at 16 each. Josh Durant, winner of the last series, is in third with 14 points.With a point spread of five between first and third, the series is still wide open.

At the Aug. 15 session, there was only one covered ride by Conner Wood. This was Wood’s first covered ride of the series so the ride did not affect the standings. It was another night of hard luck and hard landings for 11 of the 12 riders.Johnny Minix can out of the chute for the first ride, looking good but then falling off in about three seconds. A good start led to a bad finish and Minix was out of the money for the night.Jonathan Ray was out and off quickly. He was bucked off by one of SJY Productions’ best bulls. “Cracker” was big muscular and mean, a combo that put Ray off hard and ended his chance of winning that night.Jetton retained his second-place rank. A small black bull bucked him off with four moves hard and fast. They were too much for Jetton. His ride was over early and he was out of the money.Sterling Johnson, Ronnie Hare and David Stevenson all came out on their bulls, not able to get into position and all thrown off with a combination of bucks and spins. Their clothes ended up dirty and pockets empty.Leader Dupry was out in the No. 7 position. Dupry looked good on the “get out,” but early in the ride his composure disintegrated. The bull moved one way; Dupry moved another and the two forces were not equal. Dupry nearly hit the fence as he was bucked off and left with a confused look on his face as the white-faced bull walked out of the arena.Chad Young came out leaning a little too far to the left.

That is always a bad position early in the ride. The bull felt the move and moved to the right. Physics took over and Young slid down the bull’s left side and looked like a side car instead of a bull-rider. As he slid to the ground he got a look at the bull’s belly and nearly went underneath the bull. Bullfighter Bubba Taggart was in position fast, but not needed. Young was able to roll away and escape.Dawson McKee was too far forward as he came out of the chute and was not able to overcome that mistake. He was bucked off in about five seconds. Conner Wood’s bull came out of the chute with a high buck that took all four hooves off of the ground at the same time. Wood hung on through that and a few more moves that were good moves but not too impressive. The buzzer went off at eight seconds and Wood made what would be the only covered ride of the night. He scored 64 points. That would be enough to earn him $730 for his night on the bull.