Francis Lucia-Morgan is what customer service is about.

“She always has a smile on her face” and “She always calls me by my name,” are some of the comments received from her customers at The Store.

Superior customer service is what earned Lucia-Morgan the Bridge City Chamber of Commerce Employee of the Month award for August.

She loves working at The Store, she said.

Lucia-Morgan states that everything she has learned about the business she learned from her father. He owned a grocery store.

Married to Steve Morgan Sr. for 22 years, they have lived in Bridge City for 20. She has two sons, Curt Lucia and Steven Morgan Jr.

She worked for the Emersons, at The Store, located on the corner of W. Roundbunch and Hwy 408 for two years, before leaving to take care of her mother. Since then, she has come back to The Store because she missed the people.