At 3:30 a.m. a full moon greeted me from a cloudless sky. By 5 a.m. it was overcast. On Saturday, 3.5 inches of rain filled the Doughnut Hole. The ground sucked it up like a sponge. We needed this rain back in May and June for the gardens and most importantly to me, the fig crop. We are still 10 inches of rain below annual rainfall. *****The summer Olympics in Beijing have produced great moments but none, in the past or likely future, are any bigger than the accomplishments of our latest national hero. Michael Phelps with eight gold medals, seven of them record breaking, is the greatest sports accomplishment ever. This 23-year-old swimmer from Baltimore surpassed every previous performance. I watched in 1972 when Mark Spitz won seven golds in the Munich games; a record that most believed would never be broken. Phelps, in 2004, won six golds and his eight in 2008 gives him 14 golds. His star power will continue to rise with time as it really soaks in how nearly impossible this accomplishment is. As a star he will be one of our country’s biggest. We have a lot of heroes but this clean-cut young star comes along just at the right time for our country and the heroes our youth needs. All in all, the United States can take pride in all our young athletes and how they are performing on the world stage. I watched every event, from basketball to track and field and everything in between, with great pride but I’m proudest of a young mother-raised swimmer who set a new mark that will stand at least through my lifetime and maybe for all times. God love our youth; they have always rescued us with their talent and dedication from the burdens of trying times. They are and have always been our strength, from the high school football field to the battlefield. Hard work and determination is what always has given us the winning edge and made America great. Our girls and boys alike take a back seat to no one. When you watch them participate, you’ve gotta love ‘um. I’m emotional about that.*****I’ve got a long way to go. Come along, you may not always agree but it won’t do you no harm.

Another school year rolls around come Monday. I’m always amazed at how fast five years seems to travel. Young eighth-graders yesterday will finish high school this year. Some of our popular grads just five years ago have moved on to places unknown. Some married with children, others have their college education behind them. Shamefully we learn later in life that time is swift with not much to waste. Next week the Democratic convention will open in Denver. I wish more of our youth would take interest in government and pay attention to the issues and how, through participation, our country is a better democracy. Not enough parents encourage their youngsters to take an active part in the process. To often we leave it up to college professors to mold our youngsters thinking, something they should learn at an early age at home.***** The guessing game this week is who will be chosen to be vice-president on the democratic ticket? My best guess today is Sen. Joe Biden even though I would like to see him as secretary of state. Sen Hillary Clinton will allow her name to be placed in nomination for president although the outcome will still be Obama. What becomes of John Edwards’ delegates? Evan Bayh is still a good vice presidential choice. It should be interesting.*****A new police chief will be named at Bridge City after the abrupt resignation of longtime chief Steve Faircloth. Many applicants will come in to replace him. The city fathers are at a crossroad. For years some have wanted Steve to leave, now the ball is in their court to pick a new chief, only the seventh in Bridge City’s history. Maj. Joey Hargrave has been appointed interim chief, but I’m told that’s not a prerequisite to be named permanent chief. But it doesn’t work against him either.

30 Years Ago-1978
Funeral services were held Monday, Aug. 14, for Ann Guidry, the beautiful wife of Andy Guidry. She died of cancer leaving behind Andy, Paula, Jennifer, Jeffrey Paul, Richard and David. *****Major Inman Jr. was elected mayor of Orange after a hard-fought campaign against Davis Cooper. Major will replace Mayor Paul Hale. *****On Saturday, Aug. 19, Marilyn Patton became Mrs. Jeff Williams. They have been dating five years. She’s the daughter of Charles and Juliet Patton. *****Howard Morse and Dr. J.E. Barnett are added to the Bridge City Bank Board. *****Pretty Phyllis Cessac is now with Dal Sasso Realty in the Bridge City office. ***** On Sept. 3, Desia Stephens will become the bride of Carl Davis. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stephens. *****Precision Tune welcomes Dolan and Audrey Frenzel who have purchased the Precision Tune franchise at 3103 MacArthur Drive.*****Roy and friend, the late Conley Windel, continue their trip through the southwest. (Some excerpts from Dunn’s writing are repeated here.) “After a beautiful drive, with lush and picturesque Sonora Desert as backdrop, we arrived on the rim over looking Old Tucson. The desert was filled with beautiful saguaro cactus seen the most in western movies. We had a lot of sunlight left but since we had pushed hard since early morning, we decided to wait until morning to visit the place where over 300 western movies have been filmed. Great movies such as “Rio Bravo,” “Gunfight at the OK Corral” and the television series “High Chaparral” made it’s home at Old Tucson as well as episodes of “Bonanza” and “Little House on the Prairie.” If you have seen a John Wayne movie, you probably have been to Old Tucson. While Conley fixed a pork chop supper, I looked the area over with field-glasses. That’s when I discovered cattle being driven and a movie crew shooting. Conley looked through the glasses and we both wished we had gone down, however, it was a beautiful sight from the high vantage point. It didn’t get dark until after 8 p.m. and we could see to the east lights from the beautiful city of Tucson. The mountains form a barrier between today and yesterday, the old west and the now. After breakfast and still bushed we decided we would coast this day. We went down at 9 a.m. to the old western town. We were the only tourists around until a family of mom, dad, and three kids showed up. A movie was being shot but no big stars were around. The scene was a priest coming out of a white church. They reshot that action at least a dozen times. We spent three hours and visited with some of the hands that lived there and tended to the animals. Cowboys and crews who took care of the rest. (Editor’s note: In 1995, the place was set ablaze by arsonist. Since the fire, new buildings have gone up to replace what was destroyed. The Grand Palace Hotel and Saloon is now a 500-seat opera house. The old west comes alive with trail rides, stagecoach rides, entertainment and exhibits on pioneers and Native Americans. It was mostly used for movie-making when Roy and Conley visited.) Newt week: The trip continues toward Tombstone, Bisbee to El Paso and through Texas.

Our neighbor, Lawyer Pate, was still in a Houston hospital Sunday but expecting to be home soon. He says the heart procedure went well, now he’s fighting the after-pain. H.D. never has been too crazy about pain but he’s handling this better than expected. Late Monday, we heard he might be home by Wednesday. He’s getting medication for lung congestion.*****Our other buddy Cal Broussard spent all of last week having tests done in Houston and Monday will got another stint. Now he’s all ready to get on with the show so he can get back on the go.*****Danny Brack hosted the “KKK” (Kroger Koffee Klub) Saturday to celebrate J.D. Stansfield’s 90th birthday. Danny said he’d rather feed them once a year than put up with them every day. He was just half serious.*****Bridge City A.D. Coach Cris Stump has filled all his coaching positions. Monday night the school board hired coach Miste Tyner as softball coach. The story is that he stole this talented, successful coach from his brother Craig at West Brook. She will also coach freshman volleyball. Her brother Jason Tyner is a major league baseball player with the Chicago White Sox.*****Van Choate got Hushpuppies in Bridge City off with a bang. The girls here found out they can buy one giant Po’Boy for $4.99, split it and all have enough to eat. As for me, I can’t pass up the boudain balls and hushpuppies. The guys all love the fried fish and the New Orleans-style pistolettes.*****Big Oil and John McCain would like to see the price at $2.98 a gallon in mid October. That would still be higher than it was a year ago and is not that great a bargain but they hope voters will buy into it and that will help McCain get elected. Big Oil has him in their pocket. Every day he pitches “drill now.” T-Boone Pickin says drilling is not the answer. Oil companies can’t drill on all the leases now they own. T-Boone says that natural gas is all over this country. One well in Orange, Lake Ronel’s Longley No. 1, produces 90,000 barrels of natural gas a month, a million barrels a year. T-Bone says Big Oil owns half the rights to natural gas leases. He doesn’t know why they won’t drill for it. I’m not sure he doesn’t know but that’s what he told Larry King. Remember, no republicans can get elected without Big Oil, that’s why McCain has crawled in bed with his former enemies.*****Celebrity birthdays this week. Kenny Rogers will turn 70 on Aug. 21. It looks like he got that old fast. On the other hand, Kobe Bryant will be only 30 years old on Aug. 23. It looks like he’s been around 20 years making three-pointers.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s at noon. Everyone welcome. Marlene has been appointed to record the names of those with too many absent marks. They won’t be eligible for the grand prize.*****The Sweetheart of the Week is County Clerk Karen Jo Vance. We don’t know of a more dedicated public official. She’s one of the best among a bunch of good ones.*****Special days for special natives. Two longtime friends celebrating their 87th birthdays this week. Former Orange County Deputy Sheriff Tucker Clayton, a lifelong resident of the Cove, celebrates Thursday, Aug. 21. He was born in the Cove and except for going off to war in WWII, he’s never left. He says he can’t move away, he has to look after his buddy and neighbor Junior Johnson. The ex-lawman Tucker is a true Southern gentleman who w e’re proud to call friend. Best wishes. *****On Aug. 23, Anabel Anderson, Felix DeMary’s only child, the longtime wife of the late Arthur Anderson for 68 years and mother of five girls and three boys, a truckload of grand children, 19 in all and 17 great-grandkids turns 87. This devoted Catholic woman is a real jewel, one we’re proud to call our friend. God bless her. *****Longtime civic leader and Orange native J.D. Stanfield turned 90 Saturday. (See related story). ****Special couples that are celebrating wedding anniversaries. John and Elaine Cooper’s special day is Aug. 22. They have traveled down a long road together and we wish them many more healthy miles. *****Frank and Theresa Beauchamp celebrate their anniversary on Aug. 24. They have spent a lifetime in education. Thersa serves on the Orange City Council. Best wishes for many more. *****Doctor Howard and Elizabeth Williams celebrate next Tuesday, Aug. 26. They have had a bunch and we wish them many more. *****For many years our Cajun story of the Week has been popular but now it’s popular around the world via our website. Charlotte Anderson tells us she cuts them out and sends them to an old uncle; Neighbor Cox collects them to share with friends. I wish we had saved them over the past 30 years we could publish a book. No one however enjoys the jokes more than Fadra Thibeaux of Port Neches. She’s become popular at parties repeating our stories. If you’ve heard a good story lately, send it to us at, fax to (409) 735-7346 or mail to P.O. Box 1008, Bridge City, 77611. *****Ellen DeGeneres, 50, married 35-year-old Portia de Rossi Saturday at their Beverly Hills home. The ceremony was attended by 19 guests including Ellen’s proud mom, Betty, and Rossis’ mother, Margaret, who came from Australia. There was much dancing. Opponents of same-sex marriage gathered signatures to put an amendment to ban gay marriages on the November ballot. They might undo the wedding but the honeymoon the couple went on surely will be one to remember. I wonder if they signed a prenuptial agreement. Ellen’s last gal dumped her for a guy. I understand Ellen wore a white tux, Rossi a pink wedding dress. *****Pakistan’s ruling coalition finalized impeachment charges against President Pervez Musharraf. Knowing the hammer could fall at anytime Musharraf resigned. Now what? Pakistan worries me because they have nuclear warheads. *****Russia has destroyed much in Georgia. The U.S. says, “We will rebuild it.” Russia will continue military control over large swaths of Georgian territory. Putin knows how spread out the U.S. is since the useless invasion of Iraq that has cost a trillion dollars, many deaths and injuries. If we had never gone to Iraq, Russia wouldn’t dare test us. *****I’m about ready for one of those good Novrozsky’s hamburgers. Sometimes I think I’m pregnant the way I crave things. Corky says he always goes to Novrozsky’s when he wants a good double-baked potato loaded with goodies. As for me, I’ll be knocking out a good burger this week. *****Bridge City’s Matt Bryant kicked two field goals in Tampa Bay’s 27-10 win over New England.***** Folks is ready for some football. Monday at midday, Bridge City scrimmaged Lumberton. It was hot and the humidity was 100 percent; still the stands were half-full and every media outlet was in attendance. Cardinal coaches Stump, coordinators, Smally and Caraway saw some bright spots. Some of the play was sloppy from both team: to be expected on first scrimmage. The Cards didn’t lack effort. They’re focused and much improved. Spectators also raved about the talent on the 9th grads team. 

Braydon Denison, Brett Heil, Brett Johansson, John Forsythe, Kelsie Matlock, Melinda Ja’arah, Sam Fulderson, Sarah Byers, Dorothy Lee, Frances Delcambre, Jimmy Findlay, Marilyn Guerrerro, Olga Graham, Bill Clark, Kimberly Hubbard, Shirlyn Findlay, Alexandra Wild, Brian Sheppard, Connie Forse, Jason Delano, Mae Rollins, Michele George, Pat Gunter, Ron Hopperton, John-David Walles, Ryan Moreau, Zach Jeter, Amber Juneau, Ben Ezell, Carol Cupe, Debbie Adaway, Glynis Gothia, Ken Kreger, Milton Briggs Jr., Ron Cowling, Scott Deppe, Shanley Hubbard, Trevor Schaffer, Johnathan Aldridge, Michael Philen, Phelecia Rucker.

Old man Leroy Badeaux had been hearing about those houses of ill repute dat was operating outside of Oakdale, just down from Eunice. Leroy found his way down dere from Church Point. Wen he got inside, da madam, Miss Buelha, axe, “Can we help you.”
Badeaux says, “Yes mame, me I’ve been a widow a long time and I would like to have one of dem young womens for da night.”
Da madam axe, “How old you are hanh?”
“Me, I’m 90 years old las May,” Badeaux answer.
Da madam replied, “Dat is a good old age but don’t you realize you’ve had it?”
Leroy him, he holds his hat in front of himself and apologizes, “Oh, I’m so sorry me, how much do I owe you?”
Madam Buhla answer, “Oh nuttin, it’s on da house.”
Leroy say, “Tank you,” and starts to leave.
Buelha stops him and says, “You better zip up so you don’t get arrested out dere.”
He tanks her and driv es right back to Dr. Comeaux’s office in Church Point and tells da doc, “I tink I’m getting senile me, lately I forget me, I even forgot to zip up.”
Dr. Comeaux answer, “Mr. Badeaux, you OK you, senility is wen you forget to zip down.”

Being political junkies Judge Derry and I can’t wait for the conventions to begin. At least we won’t suffer a let down after the Olympics, we’ll just move on to the biggest game in the U.S.A. Like the Olympics played every four years, the good guys have lost the last two contests through opponents preaching fear and selling the fact that you can’t get to heaven if you don’t vote Republican. Speaking of that, Obama was set up at a Faith Forum sponsored by Rev. Rick Warren. Obama was asked the questions and McCain was to be asked the same questions. The only problem was that McCain was not locked up in a soundproof room like Obama was told, he was in a motorcade listening to the questions and answers. I wondered why, as I watched, McCain could answer the questions so quick. Almost before they were asked. A sneak peek at what was supposed to be an honest debate. However, all that doesn’t change the fact that McCain has vowed to continue down the same failed policies of the Bush-Cheney Administration. This country and the working class can’t stand four more years of being governed by Big Oil. What has happened to this country is really sad but it’s nothing like where it will be if we elect a lame duck president who will finish the hatchet job on the middle class. ***** President Bush was asked about Russia invading Georgia and he responded, “They’d better not try that in Texas, and Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour wouldn’t put up with it either.” (Just kidding).*****Read us cover to cover. Thanks for your time, mine is up. Thanks to Roy who is on the recovery list, for his help. Take care and God bless.