This Saturday, Aug. 23rd, will mark the 62nd Anniversary for Leroy and Dorothy Breaux, both still hanging on very strong to whatever life throws at them. Lord knows that has been a lot lately.
Our dad played the roll of “Humpty Dumpty,” falling off the third step of the porch last December, which resulted in breaking his upper leg. Thanks to Dr. Hall at Orange Hospital he is doing Great considering his age.

Our blessed mom, with a pacemaker since last summer, is doing all she can to see that Dad does not give up. The Lord helps her because I know taking care of Dad, plus Stevie, is no picnic! God’s graces have been with the two of them for many, many years and hopefully many healthy years to come.

Dad wanted a happy dozen children, but Mom said EIGHT is enough! They now have two daughters-in-law, five sons-in-law, 20 grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren and another great-grandchild on the way.

Just this past April, Dad, Mom and Stevie went on a four day Carnival Cruise from Galveston to Cozumel.

Dad said, “I never saw so much food at one time, in one place, in all my years.”

Mom said “It was heaven not having to cook, clean, nor make beds for four days.”

Of course there is little ole Steve’s comment, “Dancing girls and pretty ladies everywhere.” Did I mention Steve really got into the gambling part? He actually came out ahead; pretty smart dude I’d say!

Dad’s faith in Christ is amazing to me. He has always told me to remember that for every struggle, difficulty or hardship we may face on earth, that your reward in heaven is that much GREATER. My dad’s faith has brought him this far and to who he is today.

My mom’s patience and understanding is what makes her who she is today.

Dad and Mom, I, along with the rest of “eight is enough,” pray for the both of you to have a wonderful and happy 62nd anniversary.