I think Mother Nature’s got it in for us here in Texas, especially Southeast Texas. Stop and think about it. The last three tropical weather systems have hit Texas, one last year and two this year. Two of them were hurricanes, and the third only a few miles below hurricane force.

Obviously we’re doing something wrong. Could it be her way of telling Beaumont City Council not to ignore its constituents on the proposed water venue? Who knows?

Or maybe that global warming nonsense isn’t nonsense at all. I can remember the good old days when Florida kept playing reluctant host to those unwelcome guests. What happened over there? What did she do right? Maybe Jed Bush leaving the governor’s mansion did it. Maybe they sacrificed a golf cart to the gods.

At least this last storm didn’t do too much damage around our place.
Oh, I know some of the papers had pictures of wind damage. I couldn’t help laughing at some of them, one especially on Houston Street in Port Arthur. If you’ve ever been down there, that area looks like it has suffered wind damage every day. In fact, after this last storm, I think it looked a little better. I don’t know where Edouard blew the pieces, but yes indeed, I do think it looks better.

And speaking of Edouard, what an idiotic name. What’s wrong with plain old simple Edward. What’s next, Kayleenjolene?

I don’t know the exact time he came ashore, but I can tell you the exact time our power went off. It goes off at the same time every time, with the first little puff of wind. Bingo!

At least this time, we didn’t have to smell stinking lanterns or smoky candles too long because the sun came a hour or so later.

We have a little weather radio that does okay. Since we didn’t have any damage other than a truckload of leaves in the swimming pool, naturally our most irritating inconvenience was lack of power.

And various commentators kept compounding that irritation by stating all we had to do to see outages was to go to entergy.com, or a similar address. Now my question to those founts of wisdom is how do I do that when my power is off and I cannot boot the computer? And I don’t know. I’m not the sharpest stick on the computer tree. Maybe I’m missing something. If I am, tell me.

Besides I knew where the outages were. I was one.

Then Mother Nature talked technology into doing her a favor.

My daughter was out of town, so we had to feed her cats. Now, the rain wasn’t that bad, so we hopped in the pickup, and I had a dead battery. Exactly what I needed.

Between showers, I yanked out the battery, went to Firestone for another (and while there saw the storm was a piece west of Beaumont), rushed back home to install it.

I kept my finger crossed as I drew nearer to my little part of Port Neches that the power would be on. Wistful dreaming.

By now, it was approaching noon.

Time to pull out the generators.

After Rita, I bought an 8,000-watt machine. Want to know something; I’d never started it. Oh, I kept the battery charged, but never had a single spark of electricity set off an explosion in those cylinders.

I read the instructions, put in fresh gasoline, and laid out all the electrical cables. I had enough power to give me lights, run the icebox and freezer, a small window unit, and tv.

Just as I was ready to roll it out, the power came on.

Ah, the power was on. We could go back to the good life, but only after cleaning out the pool, dumping the little pool vacuum a dozen times, throwing chlorine in the water, putting everything back together with the generator.

Finally I went inside and flipped on the TV.

The cable was skewed on all four cable boxes.

My neighbors’ cable was fine. They could get all their channels.

Now at this time, you might think I opted for a beer, but no.

Patiently, I called Time-Warner and finally got a technician. When I heard her little, pleasant sing-song voice from Malaysia is when I went for my beer.

Two of the cable boxes still don’t work. I wonder what would happen if I deducted that from my next payment?