The city council at the meeting August 19 approved the new budget

for the 2008-2009 fiscal year.

“If your property values remain the same for the new year,

your taxes will go down,” said Jerry Jones, City Manager. “We have had a good

year. We have been able to increase the city’s revenue and drop the tax rate

from .50302 down to.48700. The city has been able to add new equipment to the

budget, and best of all there will be an across the board salary increase of 5%

for all employees. This is the first time in three years that the city has been

able to do that.”

Mayor Kirk Roccaforte reported, “the increased revenue from

new property will increase the taxable income for the city 4.3%; that equals


The second reading of the ordinance to make North John a

road closed to through traffic was read and the motion to accept the ordinance

was passed by the council.

Jones reported that the city has installed traffic control

devices on North John Street. “This has been done to help with the traffic flow

on North John while the Ferry Drive project is going on,” said Jones.

Tracy Miguez, president of P.A.W.S., the Public Animal

Welfare Society, approached the city about the need for the fencing to be

installed at the city’s animal shelter.

The fence issue was not a discussion item for the council,

but there will be a report back to Miguez about the installation of the fence.

“We currently have nine dogs at the shelter that need to be

adopted before their time runs out. We would like for people to become aware of

the need for adoptions from the shelter,” said Miguez.

There several public works projects that have started or are

due to start in the near future. The drainage, water and sewer portions of the

Ferry Drive project have begun. The Rachal Street project is due to start in

the near future as is the construction of the new 200,000 gallon water tower at

the site of the recently demolished tower by City Hall.

The City has appointed Joey Hargrave as Interim Police

Chief, replacing Steve Faircloth who elected to resign.

The replacement procedure for hiring the new police chief has

started. The advertising for candidates for the job to apply to the city is

being placed in the appropriate venues.

A reception for Steve Faircloth will be held at City Hall on

August 28, from 2:00 P.M. until 5:00 P.M. The public is invited to attend.