Orangefield Bobcat football coaches are the most home-grown staff in Orange County. Seven members of Head Coach Blake Morrison’s coaching staff are former players for Orangefield.

 Morrison has hired six of those coaches during his tenure as athletic director at Orangefield.

 Morrison was at Orangefield for two years, left for two years and returned in 2001.

 Chad Coulter was the former Bobcat to return, being hired in 1996 by then athletic director Kevin Flanagan.

 The first that Morrison brought aboard was Brandon Prouse after returning to Orangefield.

 “Brandon has the same last name, but he is not kin to Mr. Prouse that teaches junior high. He just gets questions about that a lot,” said Morrison.

 Chris Theriot became an asssistant coach in 2003 and brought lifelong Bobcat roots with him. His father was longtime Orangefield athletic director Randy Theriot. Coach Roy Farias, another former Bobcat, came in 2004.

 In 2007 Derek Peveto, the grandson of legendary Orangefield athletic director Ed Peveto, became a member of the staff.

 For the 2008 football season Morrison has hired former Bobcat standouts Bobby Granger and Eric Peevey.

 “These alumni coaches were hired due to their good coaching references and a strong desire to come home to coach. They are all good coaches or they would not have been hired. They went through the process as any other applicant. I am glad to have them on my staff,” said Morrison.

 The newest addition to the staff, Peevey, is one of the two coaches that Morrison has coached, the other being Farias.

 In addition to being an Orangefield graduate Peevey obtained his college degree from Lamar University. He coached at Crosby High school for two years before joining the staff at Orangefield.

 “I am glad to be returning home. It is a great feeling to be back with my family and friends. I am really looking forward to the season and working with the team that we will have this year. It is also great to be coaching my younger brother Zack,” said Peevey.

 Zack Peevey is a senior and a running back on the varsity team.

 Eric is the son of William and Janet Peevey, both Orangefield graduates. He is married to the former Amy Johnson, a graduate of Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School.

 Among area schools there are other alumni coaching.

 Cornell Thompson, a 1965 graduate of West Orange High School, returned home to coach the Mustangs. Thompson holds the longevity record for area alumni coaches, with over 30 years at his old alma mater.

 Bridge City hired Josh Smalley as offensive co-ordinator for the coming season. Smalley is the only Bridge City alumnus to coach on the varsity football level. For the past two seasons he has been the offensive co-ordinator for the Orangefield Bobcats.

 Tony Knight, another former student, is the varsity head basketball coach and the ninth grade head football coach. On Knight’s ninth grade staff is Jeremy Simmons, also a BCHS graduate.

 Rounding out the Bridge City alumni are George Navarro and Chris Moore, both coaching eighth grade.

 Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School appears to be the only area school with no alumni on the varsity coaching staff.