The streets look very different in the mornings than they have for the last several weeks. Big yellow busses are rolling up and down the roads with lights flashing. Kids are standing outside waiting for the one with their number on it to pull up and stop to offer a ride to school.

Yes, it’s back to school time, and Bridge City schools are back in session this week. Traffic, as always, is very slow around drop off and pickup times at all school campuses. Roundbunch is particularly slow in the area of Hatton Elementary and Bridge City Intermediate.

“The coming days should provide a better picture of the effect the Ferry Drive closure will have on that traffic,” said Dr. Jamey Harrison superintendent for Bridge City ISD. “Drivers should be particularly careful on John Street as each intersection is now a bus pickup area for all students in and around the Ferry Drive area.”

According to Harrison, the district is excited about the number of students who attended the first day. In total, 2509 students walked through the doors of the five campuses. There is an increase from the end of 2007-2008 when the school had 2482 students enrolled.

This is an increase of over 50 students from the first part of last school year. The bulk of the increase is at Bridge City High School, which has about 40 students more than the end of the 2007-2008 school year.

Harrison, says it is difficult to know how many students the school will actually have for this year at this stage: “The first day of school, and even the first couple of weeks of school, always sees variation in the total number of students. We have many new students who have enrolled for this year, however, we have some who have moved to other districts without officially withdrawing from our schools.”

“Over the first week or two we will be able to sort through these numbers and create a more accurate count. We are not comfortable with an enrollment figure until after the first two weeks have been completed. That being said, we are excited about the number of students we had on the first day.”

Harrison offers best wishes and best of luck to all students, but to two groups particularly. “For those students who are entering kindergarten, and for their parents, you have a tremendous journey ahead. Over the coming 13 years, you will make and lose friends several times over, learn what it truly means to be a Bridge City Cardinal, and build experiences that will shape the rest of your life.

And, most importantly, you will gain an incredible education from a fine school. Enjoy every single moment, students and parents.

These 13 years will pass far faster than you could ever imagine.”
To seniors, and of course their parents, Harrison says, “this is your time to shine.”

“You have reached the final chapter of your 13 year experience.

The real world awaits: jobs, college, bills, and everything else that comes along with it. But, for now, for this school year, all of that is in the future. Savor every moment. Make your parents, your school, and your community proud. Soon, you will forever become a part of the legacy that is Bridge City High School. “