The Olympic games came to an end in Beijing Sunday.
The United States basketball team defeated Spain 118-107
to win the gold. I enjoyed the NBC coverage of the games but
I don’t think they showed enough basketball and boxing. I
remember when boxing was the big deal. We knew who all
our Olympic boxers and winners were. Most went on to become
professional champs. This year we didn’t win one gold.
I bet you don’t know who from the U.S. was in boxing at this
Olympics. The next games will be in London. I don’t believe
anyone will ever out-do China’s opening and closing ceremonies.
*****Now it’s time to turn into the Democratic convention
in Denver being covered by most every news outlet.
There will be some good speeches but the one I’m looking
forward to the most is President Bill Clinton. His speech
more than anyone else’s I believe will determine if the
Obama-Biden ticket will win. Make no mistake, Clinton,
the most successful president since FDR is still the most
popular and influential Democrat in America. His words,
more than Hillary or anyone else, is what American voters
will rely on. Record this speech because it will be a keeper.
The Obama-favoring media damaged Bill during Hillary’s
campaign, and he’s out to redeem himself and reclaim his
status in the Party. He can do that by electing Barack and
Biden. Believe me, he has the power to do that if he sincerely
wants to. *****High school football kicks off this week and
I’m ready. In fact, our papers, The Penny Record and The
County Record, are featuring our annual football edition.
We hope to introduce you to the boys on the gridiron. It’s a
collector’s edition and we have printed extra copies if you
need one to send to grandma, etc. Our staff and photographers
have worked really hard to bring you this special issue,
free of charge thanks to our advertising family. I need to
get on down the road. Come along, it won’t do you no

Our prediction on Obama picking Sen. Joe Biden for vice
president turned out to be correct. Sen. Biden, a regular guy
with 35 years in the senate, is the most qualified person in
this country and would have been my first choice for president.
However, he never could have gotten the nomination,
he’s not connected to big oil, doesn’t have a big political machine
and has never been wired in with big lobbyists. Biden
is much like President Harry Truman, he says what’s on his
mind, straight and honest. He is the expert on foreign policy.
No one else comes close. For that reason I believed he
would have been the ideal choice for secretary of state for
any Democrat elected. As vice president, he will be an overseer.
Because of his experience, he won’t have the wool pulled
over his eyes. Like John Kennedy picking Lyndon Johnson,
Obama will be well-served to have Biden as his right hand.
Obama’s goal is to grow this country from the bottom up,
not the same trickle down failed policies of the past and
present. We must stop this runaway train that for eight years
has been going in the wrong direction. McCain has sold out
and hooked his wagon to the Bush-Karl Rove playbook.
Obama, I believe, will make some good choices in picking
his team. It’s not really who is at the top as much as it is policy
and who the people are that are administrating it. Some
people are unhappy that Obama didn’t pick Hillary Clinton.
I can see why. A black and a woman would never get
elected. Trying to elect both at the same time sure would
have been long odds. I believe Bill Clinton and Hillary will
both work hard to elect Obama and Biden. Both love this
country and know better than most folks that it is in terrible
shape. The working class can’t survive four more years of the
road McCain will take the country down. Sen. Clinton will
be a powerful voice in the Senate. Together with the Obama
Administration they will turn this country around; you can
bank it. Before that happens, however, Obama will have to
withstand a lot of negatives, lies and “Swift Boat” type of attacks.
Don’t buy into it. Too many great Americans who really
care for this country support him. He’s above average in
intelligence; he didn’t beat the country’s most powerful machine
by accident. There is something special about him.
We said that anyone who voted to support the invasion of
Iraq would never be elected president. We still believe that.
Obama was right; we predicted the invasion would be a disaster
and our country’s biggest mistake. We won’t soon recover
but Obama-Biden is our only hope. That’s the way I
see it.

We send our deepest sympathies to the family of Ferne
Savoy, 91, who passed away Aug. 23. Services were held
Monday. For many years Mrs. Savoy was a democratic poll
judge and very active in the political process. She and her
late husband Henry “Cush” Savoy raised a great family. To
our longtime friend Gary Savoy and his siblings and families
we send our condolences. Their mom was a great lady.
May she rest in peace. (Please see obit this issue). We are
also sorry to hear about the death of Florence Byrd Heath,
90, of Orange, who died Saturday. Funeral services will be
held at 10:30 a.m. Thursday at Claybar Funeral Home. Visitation
will be 5-7 p.m. Wednesday. Graveside services and
interment will be 3 p.m. Thursday at Bryan City Cemetery.

30 Years Ago-1978
Major Inman Jr. defeats Davis Cooper in hotly contested
Orange mayoral race. He will replace Paul Hale. *****B.J.
Spence hosted some friends with a delicious Mexican dinner
that proves even school madams can be domestic.
*****Over the weekend Phyllis Guidry Hass School of Dance
attended a three-day workshop in Houston. The event was
presented by some of the finest professional dancers in the
country. Attending were Cynthia Navarro, Belinda Muckelrath,
Stephanie Hass, Nikki Gardner, Liz and Ann Lieby,
Brenda Whittington and Cayla Campbell. (Editor’s
note: Do you remember all those pretty girls? Most are parents
and some might even be grandparents.)*****Joe C. Majors
III has been accepted into the University of Texas Dental
Branch at Houston. He’s a Lamar grad and son of Dr. Joe
and Mary Majors. (Editor’s note: A Bridge City grad, Chuck
practiced in B.C. for several years before moving to the Kerrville
area. For the last dozen years he has been on the hill,
on top of Caldwell, located about 23 miles from Bryan-College
Station. He has a large practice there.)*****In June 1949,
Arthur Colburn and his father Will built a 12 by 20 building
adjacent to their home and opened the “Gingham
Shoppe.” It was later enlarged to 24 by 20. This week, 29
years later, they sold the Shoppe to Jonell and Kenneth
Chance. The shop will remain on Flint Street for the time
being and will be disconnected from the Colburn home and
moved at a later date. *****Ronnie Lee, a 1978 Bridge City
grad and shop manager of Triple L Honda, earned a position
on the starting lineup of team Rio Bravo. He will travel
to Florida for motor cross competition. *****Granger’s Seafood
and Steakhouse all you can eat noon buffet is only
$1.95. *****Roy and friend Conley Windell continue trek
through southwest. “Leaving old Tucson we took Hwy. 82, a
back road scenic route, which connected with Hwy. 80, just
out of Tombstone, Ariz. Conley, an expert on the way of the
cowboy, knew all about Tombstone. In the 1880s, it was a
booming mining town that brought a rush of those looking
to strike it rich. Gold and silver were the lure that became a
magnet to thieves, card sharks, murders, rustlers and bad
guys. The place came alive with hundreds of saloons, gambling
halls and of course, bawdy houses. Gunfights and
hangings soon made Boot Hill Cemetery famous. Tombstone
is perhaps most famous for it’s gunfight at the O.K.
Corral when the Earp brothers, Wyatt, Virgil and Morgan,
along with friend, Doc Holliday, shot it out with the Clanton
and McLaury gang. When the bullets stopped flying
Billy Clanton, Tom and Frank McLaury lay dead, Ike
Clanton got away but was later murdered. Morgan and Virgil
needed weeks to recover, Doc was barely grazed by a bullet
and Wyatt was unscathed. The famous fight took place
Oct. 26, 1881. The Birdcage Theater was a saloon, theater,
gambling hall and brothel. The New York Times in 1882 reported,
“The Bird Cage is the wildest, wickedest night spot
between Basin Street and the Barbary Coast.” One-hundredforty
bullet holes can still be found in the walls and ceiling.
Conley and I walked both sides of the street and talked
about what roles we would have played had we lived in those
times. The Crystal Palace Saloon is a symbol of the true
“Old West.” With it’s original copper ceiling, adobe walls
and massive bar it is the only authentic saloon still operating.
We learned on this trip how Tombstone got its name. It
seems a weathered prospector named Ed Schieffelin, would
venture out into the hills prospecting for the riches of silver
or gold. He braved the elements and Apaches where many
before never returned. His friends told him many times that
if he kept fooling around out there among the Apaches the
only rock he would come home with would be his tombstone.
In 1877, he discovered silver ore and named the mining
district ‘Tombstone’ which would also become the name
of the “town too tough to die.” Everyone, once in his or her
lifetime should visit Tombstone. Keeping with our habit of
staying off the interstate and main highways, we turned just
out of Tombstone and took narrow Hwy. 80. Not knowing
where this road would take us we traveled southeast. A few
hours out we came up on a jewel, a big, big hole known as
Bisbee, Ariz. I had never heard of it but a relative of mine
might have discovered it. (To be continued next week.)

Country star Tim McGraw and some pals will perform at
Faith Hill’s “Neighbor’s Keeper Foundation Swampstock
2008” in Rayville, La., Sept. 13. Proceeds will benefit local
projects. “Swampstock” will feature McGaw, Hill, Catherine
Raney, Halfway to Hazard, Dierks Bently and Jason
Aldean. Rayville is Tim’s hometown located 21 miles east of
Monroe on Interstate 20. The show is on a Saturday and
would be a great weekend trip in a relaxed atmosphere. Take
exit 165 at Alexandria to Monroe. *****Bedbugs move into
dorm rooms. They’re everywhere. The size of an apple seed,
the nocturnal six leggers hitchh ike on luggage, old furniture,
clothing and can live up to a year without a blood meal.
Texas A&M has spent $37,000 to fly in bedbug sniffing dogs.
They plan to call in a Minnesota outfit called “Temp-Air”
whose eradication process heats the room overnight to 130
degrees, killing the bugs without harming students belongings.
*****We visited the new Gunn’s Studio on Green Avenue
in Orange last week. We were really impressed with the
remolding Chris, Cindy and Dayle have done with that
building. It’s a great studio. Stop by, they will be glad to show
you around. Gunn’s, for 50 years and three generations, has
been the areas leader in portrait taking specializing in graduation
portraits. *****Our buddy Bill Clark celebrates another
birthday this week, Aug. 28. Also Theresa’s other half
Frank Beauchamp celebrates on that same day. And a belated
special birthday to the sweet and beautiful Helen Mc-
Cardle who celebrated Aug. 21.*****Janice Overman, Inez
Hearn’s little girl and the lady that straightened Lyle out,
has her special day Aug. 29. She shares it with Michael Jackson,
who turns 50. *****Coach Dan Ray Hooks turned 70 on
Monday, Aug. 25. He’s good as new; he’s had everything repaired
including the removal of cataracts. *****Judge Pat
and Rosalie Clark celebrate their anniversary Aug. 31. She
not only made a pretty good Italian out of him; she converted
him into a darn good Catholic. *****Barry and Judy Hunt
celebrate Barry’s lucky day Aug. 31. *****Dal Moreau is a
year older Aug. 31. *****Our friend H.D. Pate is home after
a laser oper ation and ten days in Houston hospital. He says
he will be good as new and back at his law office soon.
*****Our buddy Cal Broussard was scheduled for surgery in
Houston Wednesday however, that has been postponed until
Friday. We wish him the best. *****Going high up was
Hooker from Australia who pole-vaulted 19.4 1/4 feet in the
Olympics. That’s a new world record. I’ve seen Eric Eshbach
go up in the air 18 feet and that’s high but the new record
was at one time considered impossible. *****One of our favorite
ladies Marlene Merritt celebrated a birthday Aug. 24.
Belated wishes. We understand Ms. Marlene has been down
in the back from messing with a garbage bag. Sometimes it
doesn’t take much to get out of whack. *****Other beautiful
women having birthdays this week are LeAnn Rimes, 26,
Shania Twain, 43, both on Aug. 28. ***** We understand
that Rev. Rob Fisher at First United Methodist church will
be leaving and his last sermon will be Sunday, Aug. 31. He
has been appointed to Pollard United Methodist in Tyler.
The new pastor will be Rev. Tom Stephenson, who comes
from Atascocita United Methodist. Rev. Stephenson is
married to the former Wendy Garrett, an Orange native
and LC-M grad. They have one child, 8-year-old Kyle Thomas.
Tom’s first service will be Sept. 7*****The Wednesday
Lunch Bunch is planning a big outing at Van Choate’s
Tuffy’s this week at noon. Everybody is welcome, good food
and great fellowship. *****Shirley Luther of Vidor is a delegate
to the Democratic convention in Denver. She was a diehard
Clinton supporter. I’m not sure if she will be a switchhitter
or support the Demo ticket. *****Monday the Texas
Bank sign came down on 16th St. in Orange and the BBVA
Compass Bank sign went up. *****KFC on Green Avenue in
Orange, one of the oldest fried chicken establishments in
the area, is no more.

Bree Fontenot, Jerry Mercer, Molly Abshire, Sheryl
Guillory, Sydney Eby, David Green, Frank Beauchamp,
Jaycie Dardeau, Nina Birdwell, Theresa Wilson, Angie
Jones, Barbi Childress, Bobbie Brown, Dempsey Deason,
Gary Bonneaux, Gary Turbeville, Rick Beaulieu, Wanda
Sanders, Wendy Fontenot, Blake Tally, Buddy Hancken,
Glenda Dyer, Ileta Primrose, Jon Weidner, Mike Cedars,
Patty Allred, Brooke Snowden, Cristi Harper, Crytal
Killman, Dal Moreau, Dominic Nguyen, Dorene Scott,
Elise Domas, Erin Weidner, Mary Behnke, Paul Vandervoort,
Ron Kincade, Alex Murphy, Buddy Cox, Jesse
Grooms, Lauren Robertson, Paul Fournier, Virginia
White, Billl McCorkle, Haley Aldridge, Pamela Layman
and Vernon Dixon.

Stella Boudreaux was having a passionate affair with
Henry Arceneaux wat is an inspector for a pest control
company. One afternoon Stella and Henry were carrying
on in da bedroom together wen her husband, Clovis, came
home unexpected him.
“Quick” Stella said to her lover Henry, “Into da closet,”
and pushed him into da closet stark naked.
Clovis him became suspicious dat everyting wasn’t jus
right. He search da house until he discovered a man in his
bedroom closet.
“Who are you?” he axed.
“Me, I’m an inspector from Thibodeaux’s Bugs-B-Gone,”
said Henry da exterminator.
“Wat you doing in dere?” Clovis axe.
“I’m investigating a complaint me, about an infestation of
moths,” Henry answered.
“Where are your clothes hanh?” Clovis axe.
Henry him looked down at himself and said, “Well, I’ll be
darn, those little bastards.”

In a few days John McCain will turn 72. He will be the
oldest person ever to be nominated for president who was
not an incumbent. Ronald Reagan was 69 when first nominated
and 73 when his second term began. McCain would
be 76. Cindy McCain is going to Georgia to evaluate the civilian
casualties. I always believed she wanted John to be
president worse than he wants it. Who will McCain pick as
vice president? That’s a hard one but we will know by the
weekend. If he picks Joe Lieberman he will infuriate the farright
but on the other hand if he picks Mitt Romney it would
be two rich guys with 12 houses between them. His best
choice would be Gov. Crist of Florida, plus John owes him.
He wouldn’t be the nominee without Crist bringing Florida
to his side. No one would have wanted it worse than Rick
Perry but he didn’t make the top 20. Kay Bailey wouldn’t be
a bad choice but she is waiting around to clean Perry’s plow
in the next election. As for me, I’m going to sit back, relax
and enjoy the convention. I still say Bill will make or break
Obama. He holds the trump card.*****I’ve gotta get out of
here. Thanks for tagging along. Take care and God bless