There is much confusion in the community in reference to 211 registration and evacuation. 

If you have already registered with 211 and you have no medical or physical disability preventing you from getting to your local assembly site, you should proceed there beginning at noon. 

If you have not registered and can get to an assembly site, proceed there beginning at noon. 

If you have confirmation with local authorities that you will be picked up at your residence due to your disability, you are asked to be packed and be ready.


Vidor Elementary – Hwy 90
Lamar Student Center – Orange

Information concerning evacuating animals – All animals must be either in a pet carrier or muzzled.  They are all required to have a leash.  These rules are in place to protect the citizens as well as the animals.  No lizards or snakes allowed.  


No fares will be charged for this special evacuation service.

Citizens should arrive at assembly points with a photo ID and try to limit their baggage as much as possible with only essential needs including prescription medication for at least a week. No weapons, including firearms, are allowed. The no firearm rule applies to those persons with Concealed handgun Licenses.

Emergency officials are urging all citizens who have transportation to begin a voluntary evacuation on Saturday as well. They should prepare to be out of the area for a minimum of 5 days, depending on the final location of Hurricane Gustav’s landfall.

If Hurricane Gustav continues on it’s current path, a Mandatory Evacuation may be called for beginning at 6:00 AM on Sunday, August 31, 2008

You should take the following emergency supplies with you:

·   clothing for your family for several days
·   bedding, pillows, and towels for each family member
·   prescription medicines & spare eyeglasses
·   soap and toiletries
·   baby food and diapers
·   address book or list of important telephone numbers
·   checkbook, credit cards, and cash
·   drivers license and identification cards
·   portable radio and flashlight, with extra batteries

     Take your pets with you, but make sure you bring a leash, crate, or cage for them as well as pet food.

      Secure your property before you depart.  Shut off all appliances, except refrigerators and freezers.  Lock all doors and windows.

      If you have no means of transportation or if you are physically unable to evacuate on your own, ask a neighbor to help you.

      If you have neighbors or co-workers, who need help or do not have transportation, offer to assist them if you can.

Emergency Management Officials will continue their coordination and communication efforts with local, state and Federal Officials and will closely monitor all information.  

Citizens are encouraged to stay tuned to local media for further announcements.

 All press releases will be posted to:

 This procedure was set in place so citizens can log on 24 hours a day and keep up with local events.