From the Office Of Orange County Emergency Management
Mandatory Evacuation.
1. Due to HURRICANE GUSTAV, the County Judge/ Mayors, under Texas law, has issued the following mandatory evacuation for those who live, work, or are visiting in Orange County effective 6:00 a.m., Aug. 31, 2008.
2. Immediately 211 registries should embark to their destination locations of: Vidor Elementary School, Hwy 90 and Lamar Student Center, Orange.
3. Orange County area’s should following the recommended evacuation routes:

    STATE HWY 87 N.
    FM 105 N. TO HWY 96
    HWY 62 N. TO HWY 96

4. Be sure to take essential items such as and be prepared to stay at least 5 days.
• prescription medicines
• eyeglasses
• baby supplies
• personal care items
• identification cards
• checkbook and credit cards
• valuable papers

5. Take your pets with you along with 3-5 days worth of food for your pet, and make sure you bring vaccination records, a leash, crate, or cage for them.  Remember some shelters will not accept pets
6. Decide where you will stay until the emergency situation is resolved.  Staying with relatives or friends or in a hotel or motel is a good choice.
7. If you have no means of transportation or if you are physically unable to evacuate on your own and have not registered with 211, contact 670-4125.
8. If you know of any neighbors or co-workers with hearing or language problems or special needs, please advise them of this message.  And if you have neighbors or co-workers who need help or do not have transportation, offer to assist them if you can.
9. ALL AREAS OF ORANGE COUNTY are encouraging general population to evacuate voluntary today.   
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Jeff Kelley, Emergency Manager            Carl Thibodeaux, Orange County Judge

Citizens should be aware that at 6:00 am tomorrow, August 31, 2008
when the Mandatory Evacuation is initiated, the State traffic plan will be implemented.

I-10 traffic eastbound and westbound will not be able to exit the interstate in many parts of Jefferson and Orange County