The Orange County Judge and Office of Emergency Management have issued a mandatory curfew for rural Orange County from dusk to dawn.

“I met with the county judge for approval…we’re doing a mandatory curfew from dusk to dawn,” said Sheriff Mike White. ”You may be stopped if you are out moving between these times periods.”

The mandatory evacuation order still exists for Orange County and they want to continue urging citizens to evacuate.

“We have more than doubled the officers on patrol. We’re making all efforts to keep our citizen’s property safe, that have had to evacuate, and this will go on until they get back,” said White

Sheriff White has stated the County Jail is still up and running at this time.  Citizens could be pulled over and questioned if caught during the curfew period between dusk and dawn.

Anyone who sees suspicious activity should contact the Orange County Sheriff’s Office at 409-883-2612.