Marriage License Issued By The Office Of Karen Jo Vance, Orange

County Clerk For The Week of August 25, 2008

Through August 29, 2008

 Joshua B. Bearden and Sarah C. Boullion

Troy Cunningham and Theresa V. Turner

Robert N. Copeland and Tracy L. Berry

Calvin D. Johnson and Holly S. Phelps

William H. Teal and Patricia J. Dunning

Wade Calhoun Jr. and Verna L. Gray

Clifford W. Locks Jr. and Kathy A. Atkinson

Russell D. Rumby and Judy Choate

Joseph P. O’Quinn and Lindsay N. Brack

Kenneth J. Moreau and Amy L. McFerrin

Vincent B. Kay and Jennifer L. Mayfield

Delton L. Addison and Alisha D. Crosby