Tuesday, Sept. 2, Orange County Sheriff Duputys Chad Scales and Jerry Kibodeaux responded to the scene of a home burglary in Mauriceville. The complainant found their home had been broken into while they had evacuated for Hurricane Gustav. Several items had been stolen.

Members of the sheriff’s office Special Services Division, Lt. Robert Strause, Sgt. Thomas Ray and Sgt. Joey Jacobs responded to the scene to assist in processing evidence.

Investigating officers knew a suspect that had been involved in previous burglaries lived nearby.

Officers drove to the suspect’s residence. The suspect allowed the officers inside his home. An item matching the description of one of the articles taken in the burglary was spotted on the floor by Ray.

The item had the family name of the complainant written on it.

The suspect confessed when confronted and implicated two accomplices in the burglary. Once the other two suspects were located, the three confessed to five other burglaries occuring during the mandatory evacuation of Gustav. A large amount of property was recovered. 

The residents of four of the burglaries had not yet returned home. Officers secured the homes to prevent further theft.

During interviews with the three suspects, Ray and Jacobs discovered the suspects were also responsible for several other burglaries thoughout Orange County. Officers were able to locate a storage building and two other locations, through information received during interviews with the suspects. Additional stolen property was recovered at these locations.

The suspect’s names are being held pending arraignment.