DuPont Sabine River Works (SRW) employees and managment recently invited some of the plant’s oldest retirees for a private tour. Four DuPont retirees, all of them older than 90, spent a special day at the site touring their former workplace and talking with current employees.

The visitors were Melton M. Wright, 92 (32 years of service); Arthur M. Dobbs, 90 (34 years of service); Melville G. Hyatt, 93 (40 years of service); and Ned R. Simoneaux, 91, with 31 years of service. Some of the visitors were accompanied by their spouses. The site boasts 30 other retirees who are 90 years or older.

Unfortunately, many were unable to participate for various reasons, some because they live too far away to travel to the site.

     “All of our attendees were very interested and enthusiastic about touring the site,” said Rachel Harbuck, administrative assistant to the site manager. “They hold an important piece of our site’s past and continue taking pride in watching DuPont grow. I enjoyed listening as they reminisced of plant events during their working careers at DuPont SRW.”

Retirees commented that: “The site has really grown, it’s so big!” and “We built the plant using horses and mules, we didn’t use jeeps, we didn’t even have roads!” and ended with “Thank you for a most delightful day.”

“These four gentlemen and hundreds of other retirees made Sabine River Works the world class operation it is today,” said Mike Sanchez, site manager. “We are proud to celebrate their contributions and our DuPont heritage, while at the same time we look forward to a long and bright future. It was fascinating to listen to the stories of an era gone by, the excitement, the accomplishments, the milestones, the learnings and the recollection of experiences of former co-workers, projects, building locations and work challenges. The group relayed how proud they were to help build the plant. I appreciated that they took time out of their lives to come back to the site and it confirmed how significant and treasured their work experiences were while at Sabine River Works.”

DuPont SRW began operation in 1946. The plant produces ethylene based copolymers used for packaging films, adhesives, compounds and molded products. The plant employs approximately 900 full-time DuPont employees and 500 contract employees.