Meals on Wheels came to a screeching halt Wednesday. During the Hurricane Gustav evacuation, thieves broke into the building at 312 Turret Street which is the location of the Orange Community Action Association Meals on Wheels program. 

The electric meter was pulled, killing all electricity to the building. The spoilage of a weeks worth of food is valued at $10,000.

According to Linda Hughes, director of the Meals on Wheels program, all the contents of the refrigerators and freezers had to be thrown away.

Between 350 to 400 seniors will have to wait for meals until suppliers can restock the organization.

Damage to the delivery vans is also a set back. One of the vans was stolen and the others were damaged when the thieves tried to hot wire the vehicle. Fence surrounding the building was also damaged by driving the van through it.

When deliveries resume, volunteers will bring meals in their personal vehicles until the vans can be repaired.

Total cost of the damage is not known at this time.

Donations to assist the OCAA in the food replacement cost may be made to P.O. Box 728, Orange TX, 77631.