A new chapter in this year’s very busy hurricane season finds Hurricane Ike heading toward the Texas coast. 

Bridge City Independent School District officials are keeping a very close eye on the storm and making preparations for a potential evacuation. BCISD Superintendent, Dr. Jamey Harrison, says the school is ready: “All of the Orange County schools will follow the same plan we had for Gustav. In the event of an official county voluntary or mandatory evacuation, all schools will be closed. It is very difficult to say at this time what will transpire because we are dealing with incomplete data. This storm could do several things over the coming days. We are staying in close contact with local and state officials to ensure we make timely, well informed decisions.”

The district was closed for two days last week due to the evacuation related to Hurricane Gustav. Harrison states the schools in Orange County try to work together in these situations: “The superintendents for all Orange County schools stayed in constant communication. We made the decision we felt was best for our students and for our community members. The evacuation traffic made traveling very difficult. We tried to offer a timeline that would facilitate a safe return home for all of our community members who evacuated.”

The district will announce any closures as soon as those decisions are made. Any closures will be released through all local media outlets and the BCISD website. “We ask all of our students, parents, and community members to pay close attention to media outlets and to our school website. We will communicate any decisions regarding school closures as soon as possible. We understand the importance of communicating these decisions in a timely manner and will do our best to do so.” The BCISD website can be found at www.bridgecityisd.net.