The Nederland Bulldog cross country meet was held Saturday, Sept. 6.

Orangefield had several athletes that medaled.

Varsity boys ran three miles. In the 3A and under class the top 15 finishers medaled.

Tyler Worsham, Orangefield’s only varsity boy came in 12th place at 21:29.

Varsity girls race two miles, with the top 20 medaling in the 3a and under class.

Kayla Williams came in 6th at 14.38; Hannah Walles placed 8th with 14:45; Casey Dixson came in 16th with a time of 15:46. Other varsity girl finishers were Vivian Luong, 16:41; Thanh Nguyen, 18:08; Megan Jarrell, 22:40.

In the Junior High Girls two mile race, the top 20 in 7th and 8th grade from all schools medaled.

Eighth grader, Jordee Cook took 11th place with a time of 15:34, while another Orangefield eighth grader, Megan Burton took 17th place with 16:04. For the seventh grade, Savannah Sheppard placed 19th in 16:10. Other junior high finishers were: Emily Blanke, 8th grade, 16:56; Kaci Naquin, 8th grade, 18:40; Kirby Clayton, 7th grade, 19:51.