Cody Knight, cross country coach for the Bridge City Cardinals released the results from Saturday’s meet in Nederland and the meet hels on Aug. 23 in Dayton.

 3A/under Varsity (3 mile) – 2. Tim Cude 17:02; 4. Kirby Shepherd 17:12; 10. Brandon Simoneaux 18:05; 17. Kyle Prosperie 18:47; 18. Sawyer Hogan 18:48; 23. Armando Chavez 19:16; 31. Aaron Lejuene 20:16.
They came in 1st place by 14 points.

JV (3 mile) – 3. Luke Hebert 19:12; 4. Jacob Worthington 19:38; 5. Justin Reynolds 19:40; 6. Hunter Stevens 19:57; 12. Nathan McAnelly 20:58; 13. Brian Godwin 20:59; 20. Eric Chesson 21:53; 23. Matthew Wappler 22:44; 24. Justin Sonnier 23:37.
They won 1st place by 7 points.

Runner of the Week-Brandon Simoneaux
“ In middle school Brandon Simoneaux was a successful runner with loads of talent. As an eighth grader he ran a 5:13 mile on a very tough Pleasure Island course. So far in high school, he hasn’t been the most dedicated runner in the summer, and he wasn’t seen at practice this summer nearly as often as he should have been.” said Knight. “After starting the year off on junior varsity, Brandon got fired up and motivated to regain his spot on Varsity.  Today he told me, ‘I think I’m back Coach.’  Well I don’t know if he is back yet, but he is well on his way.”

4A/5A Varsity (2 miles) – 3. Mary Nguyen 13:25; 5. Jessica Franklin 13:32; 10. Meagan Shockley 13:59; 13. Ariel Chesson 14:07; 16. Faith Rowe 14:23, 19. Alex Holland 14:23, 25. Lisa HuynH 14:56.
The Cardinals took 1st by 9 over Barbers Hill.

JV – 3. Lan Vu 15:07; 6. Melissa Pittman 15:24; 12. Rosemary Truong 16:31.
Cards did not place because they have less than five runners on the team.

Runner of the Week-Faith Rowe
“One of the worst feelings you can have as a runner is starting a race when you know you are sick.  You already feel pretty bad, and you know that running is going to make you feel even worse.  Faith Rowe has been feeling sick since the evacuation, and was very worried about how she would be able to run in her state,” said Knight.  “She told me she would not be in the top five, and wasn’t sure if she should run.  In a very close race with Barbers Hill, Faith stepped and delivered for her teammates.  Not only was she our fifth girl, but she outkicked BH’s fifth girl and beat her by one spot.  Faith reminded us all that your body is always capable of more than your mind thinks it is.”    

 Dayton Invitational – 8/23

3A/under Varsity (3 mile) – 2. Tim Cude 17:30; 3. Kirby Shepherd 17:50; 12. Sawyer Hogan 19:01; 15. Armando Chavez 19:24; 19. Kyle Prosperie 19:59; 30. Jacob Worthington 21:44; 32. Eric Chesson 21:54.
They won 2nd place by 16 points.

JV (2 mile) – 1. Brandon Simoneaux 12:25; 5. Aaron Lejuene 12:53 ; 6. Luke Hebert 12:55; 8. Cody Quigley 13:24; 9. Hunter Stevens 13:25, 24. Brian Godwin 15:29, 32. Matthew Wappler 16:53,
Junior varsity took 1st place by 12 points.

Runner of the Week-Tim Cude
“Tim Cude ran a much smarter race after going out at BCHS record pace at the Nederland Dual Meet.  After expending so much energy, he didn’t have much left in the tank at the end and watched as teammate Kirby Shepherd picked up the win.  This week, he ran a much smarter race and was narrowly beaten by new region III rival Harvinder Signh,” said Knight.  :Tim has a great chance of catching him by the end of the season if he continues to keep working hard.” 

3A/under Varsity (2 mile) – 4. Mary Nguyen 13:36; 6. Jessica Franklin 13:57; 10. Meagan Shockley 14:14; 14. Faith Rowe 14:38, 15. Ariel Chesson 14:43; 29. Lan Vu 15:37; 30. Lisa Huynh 15:41.
Varsity girls came in 1st by 24 points over Liberty

JV – 3. Alex Holland 15:30; 4. Maci Crouch 15:32; 5. Melissa Pittman 15:43; 13. Erica Glisson 16:31; 22. Rosemary Truong 17:16.

Runner of the Week-Jessica Franklin
“Jessica Franklin dipped below 14 minutes for the first time this season,” said Knight.  “After not running very much last summer, Jessica got dedicated and put in over 250 miles this summer.  After watching the guys at State last year, she and the other girls decided that they wanted to get there this year.  Today she helped lead her team to their first big win of the season.  Jessica, and the rest of the girls team, are working 10 times harder than they did last year are they are seeing the results of their hard work.  I told the girls that the only way we could go to State is if we have five girls under 13 minutes.  Well now Jess and Mary are less than a minute away.  I’m confident they will be able to get there, and I know they can lead 3 more girls to come with them.”