Most of us remember what we were doing on that terrible day when two planes destroyed the twin towers and another wrecked the Pentagon. A fourth plane controlled by the terriorsts crashed and killed everyone aboard. Bin Laden claims responsibility. Talking into a bullhorn three days later, President George W. Bush proclaimed Bin Laden was our first priority. He would hear from us. Seven years later he is still snubbing his nose at Bush and Cheney. Even though Iraq and Saddam had absolutely nothing to do with 9-11 it was used as an excuse to invade and occupy Iraq and kill Saddam. It just served as an excuse the Bush Administration needed. They knew from day one in office they would invade, they just didn’t know when the opportunity would come. Since that senseless invasion, more Americans have died in Iraq than on 9-11. Fifty thousand have been injured, many young soldiers have committed suicide and many more have lost families, with some living under bridges. The occupation of Iraq is costing $10 to $12 billion a month, monies that are putting the American people in dire straits, money that could be used to prop Social Security and Medicare up. It’s the worst debacle in our country’s history. We said at the time anyone who supported this war of choice, pushed by Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, would never be president of the United States. It was an invasion based on lies whose goal was to disrupt the Mid-East oil market. The occupation has been a total disaster from the day we stepped foot in that country. We’ve been fed constant lies. A surge, that supposedly has helped, should not have been necessary. When you boil it all down, the terrorist continued to win after 9-11 because of the drain on our country. Instead of getting them they laugh at the stupidity of invading a country that had nothing to do with their actions. Sen. John McCain was an early and strong supporter of the Iraq invasion and as a senate floor captain for the Bush Administration he convinced other senators to support it. Hillary was one he convinced and she lost the democratic nomination. He still supports the invasion saying it was mismanaged. Our reputation around the world has been damaged, maybe beyond repair. The next president will inherit a country deeply in debt with a record deficit and a national debt that has doubled in eight years. We just can’t continue down the same track, the train must be turned around.***** Those are my thoughts about what started seven years ago this Thursday, 9-11-01. Gotta move on, come along it won’t do you no harm.
By late Wednesday we could be facing another mandatory evacuation because of Hurricane Ike. The Gulf is large; the storm has 3,000 miles of shoreline to land at. If it misses us by 100 miles in either direction we would dodge the worst blow. Better for us to be on the west side. If it comes in anywhere between Cameron and Galveston we need to be out of Dodge. Right now the odds are we will be OK but like Rita, who was supposed to miss us, we can’t be sure. Judge Carl Thibodeaux will have to make the call if we again evacuate. This is not easy for the judge. He’s well aware of the extreme hardship it places on citizens but his first interest must always be the safety of his people. The cooperation of communities taking our evacuees in has been excellent. At a time like this I’m glad Thibodeaux is in charge. He has the experience and the team. He’s cool-headed and not extreme. Our Web site,, will be your headquarters and contact for up to the minute developments before, during and after20the storm. Ike is expected to make landfall Saturday somewhere from Mexico to Florida. If you are to leave, please heed the warning. If you need help it’s available. If you go away keep up with home on our Web site.
Come January, County Commissioner Stringer will step down. We don’t know that much about his replacement but for now we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. We can comment on longtime public servant James Stringer, however. These things have always been on Stringer’s priority list. First was taking care of the citizens by giving them all the services they deserve and maintaining as low a tax base as possible. Second, he’s always been a champion for county employees, not only through his support but also seeing that they got a fair deal and speaking up when he felt they were not. Last week he gave us an example of that when a difficult agreement was reached by commissioners’ court to raise much needed salaries of elected officials. The system used left newly-elected sheriff Keith Merritt having to throw away his longevity, his many years as a const able could not be used as longevity pay like other department heads. It was ruled that because he didn’t stay in his same job and was duly elected to a higher position, he would lose his years of service to the county and would have to start over. Stringer spoke up on the unfairness saying the service was earned. It’s like saying an employee, working in one department, bids out for a job in another department and that employee losing the time accumulated in the previous department. It wasn’t intended by anyone to harm Merritt, it’s a fallacy that has to be corrected. Any elected official that runs for a different office will be punished under this system. Thanks to “Stick,” who has been standing up and speaking out over the years for all employees.
30 YEARS AGO-1978
After several years in public service Judge Grover Halliburton is entering private practice of law. After serving as county judge, he became the magistrate of the County Court at Law. *****Dr. Rod Fisette is publicity chairman for the Ducks Unlimited Banquet on Oct. 10. *****Ann Oliver honored with a surprise birthday party. *****Susan Boudoin turned 20 on Sept. 1. *****Celebrating last week, Sept. 2, was W.B. Oubre, Ms. Phyl’s dad, who turned 72 and her niece, Brenda Braquet, who turned 17 on the same day. *****Bill and Martha Hughes held their annual Labor Day gathering. *****Butch Lusignan and Edna, along with Lyle and Janice Overman, ventured to Florida and a stay in New Orleans over the Labor Day weekend. *****Wal-Mart Discount City is scheduled to build a 40,000 square foot building on Texas Ave. in Bridge City with 36 departments. Wal-Mart locates only in communities with less than 15,000 population. *****Rose Davis demonstrates the art of belly dancing at Parkdale Mall. (Editor’s note: What became of Rose anyway/ She was a real sport. *****Roy and Conley leave Bisbee on last leg toward El Paso, 30 years ago, 1978. “We stayed on Highway 80 toward Douglas that is on IH-10. Keeping with our plan of staying away from the interstate, before Douglas we turned on to Highway 9, a scenic, small road through the pyramid and cedar mountains, altitude 6,000 to 7,400 feet. At Columbus we stopped and camped at Poncho Villa State Park. It was late afternoon on a clear, beautiful day matched by outstanding scenery. We had bought a couple of Porterhouse steaks in Bisbee so I started the coals and Conley grilled them. Conley mixed his drink. I took the one beer left in the cooler and sat back and enjoyed our surroundings and the juicy steak. Conley slept outdoors. We chose to get a store-bought Mexican brea kfast at a small restaurant in the little town before continuing down the narrow road that brought us into the backside of El Paso. The southwest can claim the oldest culture in American history. When the Spanish explorer Cabeza de Vaca passed by the territory now named El Paso, Shakespeare had not been born and Michelangelo was just beginning to paint the “Last Judgment.” El Paso was named in 1598, 20 years before the pilgrims arrived at Plymouth. Surrounded by mountains, the beauty of the city is at it’s best when the sun rises and sets behind the mountains. Conley and I got a hotel room and after a good bath ventured across the river to Mexico, had a seven-course meal and enjoyed a great production at an outdoor theater. As we pulled out of El Paso, we visited about how impressed we were with the cleanliness of the towns of Arizona and New Mexico. Towns without even a cigarette butt on the ground. We reflected on our trip back into Texas, from the massive mountains to the beautiful green valleys below. From the curious stare in an Indian child’s eyes. The countryside, as primitive as it’s past yet it’s towns are distinctly modern. Granted, they’re free of pollution, their buildings all appear to be freshly painted. Before heading home we will make a trip through West Texas to Rising Star to visit the cemetery where my dad, Clay, grandparents, Laura and Allen, aunts and uncles are buried in the Dunn family plot.”
Last week, Judge Claude and Pauline Wimberly celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary. Plans had tentatively been made for a special celebration for them at the Wednesday Lunch Bunch meeting but along came Hurricane Gustav and everyone scattered. Some weren’t back in town by Wednesday, many others just getting back; others tied up in the aftermath. We hadn’t announced the Lunch Bunch meeting last week but surprisingly at least 10 showed up at Robert’s including Claude and Pauline. Nothing, because of circumstances, was planned, so their 55th next year should be a special occasion, this great couple deserves it. Anyway, you know what the bumper sticker says. This week, the Lunch Bunch will gather at Van Choate’s Tuffy’s. Hopefully Ike will not interfere. *****Special notice: The Lamar-Orange faculty will host a bake sale Thursday, Sept. 11 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. The event is to benefit Meals on Wheels. They are in great need at this time. You may also bring donated goods to the Academic Center Atrium, 7 a.m. to 10 a.m.*****Marlene and Keith Merritt have a new granddaughter, Taylor Leigh Merritt, born Sept. 7. Taylor weighing in at 7 pounds, 15 ounces and was 20.5 inches high. She is the daughter of Craig and Tabitha Merritt. Congrats to all. *****During the hurricane evacuation, Marlene and son Robert fed the Army National Guard four meals a day for 10 days. Before leaving town the Guard took grandson Easton to school in a Hummer. They gave him a bunch of pins and let him march in formation with them. They made a lifetime of memories for that young man. *****Happy birthday Sept. 11 to Beth Ann Windham and to Bryan Riedel on Sept. 13. Our buddy, Fadra Thibeaux, celebrates on Sept. 14, Shonna Hunt on Sept.. 16. Also Phyllis Dunn celebrates her special day on Sept. 16. We have a lot of respect for Ms. Phyl around here and extend our best wishes. *****Happy anniversary and congrats to John and Kelly Kimbrough on Sept. 10. *****Newly weds Shirley and Pete Lynd were spotted at the Bridge City-Kountz game. Ms. Shirley was wearing her best canary outfit. She walked poor Pete all around the stadium, to the Kountz side and back, trying to get out of the sun’s terrible glare. They both act like they enjoy married life. *****The Bridge City Cards fell short in their game against Kountz. The Cards shot themselves in the foot way too often, even though, in our opinion, the refs were flag happy, throwing the flag 15 times. Unfortunately it hurt the Cards worse than Kountz. Mentally the Cards weren’t up to par. One day of practice, maybe the Saturday game contributed. They gave away the first half. Coach must have gotten their attention at half time, they dominated the second half but it was too little, too late. They fell short 26-28. They meet LC-M Friday. The Bears lost to WO-S 48-7 Saturday. *****River Joney Burton, a native of Orange and daughter of Frances Collins and Owen Burton, greeted President Bush as he toured the state operations center during coordinated response to Gustav. River is the mother of Nocona Burton. I’m sure you remember that story. *****Despite McCain’s claim that the economy is strong, employment jumped up 85,000 just last month, 644,000 workers were jobless and the number rising. *****Oil prices continue to drop despite disruptions by Hurricane Gustav. “Big Oil’s” goal is to have oil down below $100 a barrel and under $3 a gallon at the pump before the November election. Lower gas prices, which would be temporary, are designed to help John McCain, their candidate. ***** A new state law will increase the marriage license fee to $60. If a couple attends an eight-hour marriage education class the $60 is waived. For some reason that doesn’t sound lawful to me, just another trampling of our civil rights. I’ve been married three times and if I haven’t learned by now, it won’t help to have to sit through and eight-hour class, taught by folks who have only been married once or never. I’ve got experience; I’m ready for my fourth trip. *****The stock market is in a nosedive, our dollar is sinking, and inve stors are also confronted with headwinds. The government is now bailing out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac at a cost of $200 billion while CEO’s are earning $14 to $20 million. We predicted years ago the Bush/Cheney economic plan would drive down the middle class. We must stop the train; we just can’t survive four more years of the same. *****Willie Nelson, who has sold over 50 million albums and won countless awards, has now written a fiction book about the Wild West in a town called Luck, a name invented by Willie. “A Town Out of Luck” is getting good reviews. A must read for anyone who likes the old west. A book our late friend Parker Thompson would have loved. *****Kenneth Smith and Danny Brack had nothing but praise for the Bridge City-Orangefield Volunteer Fire Department. Their quick and efficient response saved much of K-Dan’s Grocery and Meat Market that was struck by fire at 2 a.m. Monday. All of the famous specialty items, boudain, sausage, etc. will be available at Danny’s in West Orange. See story for details. *****We wish a speedy recovery to our friend Sue Kay who has been hospitalized. Sue and husband S.P. Kay are avid readers and supporters of The Record. *****Condolences to Sharon Dunn and her family on the death of their grandmother Agnes Primeaux, who died Sunday, Sept. 7 in Erath, La. Sharon and her grandmother were very close. She and her siblings lost their mother when they were all young and her grandmother was a great teacher and i nspiration through the years. Services held Tuesday in Erath.*****Bridge City’s Matt Bryant made nearly half of the points in Tampa Bay’s loss to the Saints. Matt made three field goals and one extra point in the 24-21 loss.*****Brett Favre, in his first game as a Jet, beat the Dolphins 20-14. Favre threw two touchdown passes. *****The Patriots quarterback Tom Brady injured a leg that will see him sidelined for the rest of the season. The NFL’s reigning MVP, who has started 128 consecutive games, led the Patriots to three Super Bowl titles. *****Orange native Wade Phillips and his Dallas Cowboys walked all over the Browns on a 28-10 win. The Orange native son of Bum, also a native, sure looks like he might be Super Bowl bound. *****OPEC might throw U.S. “Big Oil” a curve by cutting back on production. That plus the storms in the Gulf might be to big a hicky for “Big Oil” to swallow, getting gas prices down to $2.98 before the election. They may just bite the bullet. They want McCain elected just that bad.*****Obama and McCain will appear together at Ground Zero on 9-11.*****Sarah Palin, vice presidential candidate, is pulling our leg on that bridge to nowhere. She also took a lot of pork.*****
Brent Sherrill, Durwyn Simon, Jesse Thurman, Joel Jeffcote, Joy Vickery, Mason Pruett, Ester Jeans, Beth Ann Windham, Dena Bates, Doug Rogers, Elwood Hood, Shannon Sparks, Andrea Peoples, Beth Arnold, Billy Fontenot, Casey Stephenson, Donna Lanthier, Greg Ball, Jona Gilchrist, Karen Warner, Kathleen Williams, Lloyd George, Loyd George, Molly Anthony, Shannon Eickenhorst, Tiffany Higgs, Bryan Riedel, Buffy Bean, Collin Findlay, Cynthia Claybar, David Haddock, Kade Hanks, Margaret Jeffcote, Nina Dilbert, C.M. Marshall, Connie Swope, Darlene Brown, Greg Barclay, Gregory Barclay, James E. Braus, Kim Norris, Lee Roy Boehme, Morgan Milligan, Nikki Wingate, Pamela Vaught, Pat Tilley, Randy Jones, Betty Fuss, Bo Dilbert, Gene Donahey, Greg Choate, Janis Leyendecker, Jon Berry, Madison Lewis, Valgene Donahey, Ginger Ellis, Harold Tally, Nick Heil, Phylis Dunn, Shonna Hunt, Stephanie Morris, Todd Estes and Valerie Gilbeaux

The FBI office in Lafayette had an opening for an assassin. After background checks and testing was done the FBI chose three finalists. Two Cajun mens and a Cajun woman.
Da FBI agent took da first man, Ralph Desomeaux, to a large metal door and handed him a gun. Da agent said, “Desomeaux, we must know dat you will follow your instructions, no matter wat. Inside da room you will find your wife sitting in a chair, kill her.”
Ralph said, “You can’t be serious, I could never shoot my Agnes.”
Da agent answered, “Den you not da right man for da job you, take your wife and go home.”
Da second man, Batee Dugas, from Abbeville, was given da same instructions. Batee took da gun him, and went into da room. Everyting was quite for a few minutes. Batee came out wit tears in his eyes. “I tried but I can’t kill Clotile, da mudder of my children.
The FBI agent said, “You don’t got wat it takes you, go home.”
Finally it was da woman, Stormi Thibeaux’s turn. She was given da same instructions to kill her husband Bosco. She took dat gun and went in da room. Shots were heard, one after an utter. Da agent heard screaming, crashing, banging on da walls then after a few minutes all was quite. Da door opened slowly and dere stood Stormi, wiping da sweat from her brow. “Dis gun is loaded with blanks,” Stormi said, “I had to beat Basco to deat wit da chair.”
I see where Sen. McCain has thrown the Republican Party under the bus. McCain manager Steve Schmidt, a former Karl Rove political lieutenant and one of the most powerful and rich lobbyists, has repackaged McCain. He is attempting to make him the McCain of 2000. Too late, McCain has voted for and supported all the Bush failed policies since then. Those he opposed, he’s now for. Like a trillion dollar tax break to the wealthiest Americans. He also now supports  “Big Oil” and drilling off of coasts. He opposed both in 2000 and ‘04. As for their VP choice, give me a break, with all of the world crisis, how would you like to wake up one morning with her as commander-in-chief? Schmidt, Mark Sater and Rick Davis, all from the Rove camp, knew what they were doing when they pulled the rabbit out of the hat. Alaska has the population and budget of the Golden Triangle. It’s a gimmick that might just work. Republicans will pee on your leg and tell you it’s raining. Amazing how many people will swear it’s raining. McCain is more of the same. If you liked the last eight years you’re richer than most of us. The middle class has been peed on enough. They’re drowning. Remember, it’s too late for McCain to be a maverick. He sold out already and helped create the mess we’re in.*****As of Monday even the national weather model shows Ike headed right to the Houston, Beaumont area. A lot of things will factor in before it makes landfall so anything can happen. Ike is really one to watch, it could be Rita all over again.*****Well, I’ve about covered everything for another week. You can stay in touch with us on the Web or e-mail us at Read us cover to cover. Thanks for your time and loyalty. Take care and God bless.