Mayor Claybar met this morning with other elected officials in the region to consider mandatory evacuation of the city of Orange from the threat of Hurricane Ike. A decision based on metrological science provided by the National Weather Bureau in Lake Charles and the anticipated threat to lives and property in Orange was reached. 

No mandatory evacuation order has been issued.

Emergency management officials will closely monitor the storms actual and anticipated path throughout the day and night to keep elected officials aware of the situation.  No mandatory evacuation order will be issued unless the track of Hurricane Ike changes.  The city of Orange is within the error cone and residents must make preparations to evacuate if the order is issued.  Residents that have registered in the 2-1-1 system or require assistance with evacuation will be evacuated at the Lamar Student Center on Green Avenue. Residents that have their own transportation but need shelter should evacuate to the city of Lufkin to be assigned a shelter location.