The first of two public hearings on the new proposed tax

rate for the City of Pinehurst was held on Sept. 9. The second hearing is

scheduled for Friday Sept. 12. If the next scheduled meeting cannot be held due

to the possibility of Hurricane Ike affecting Orange County, the hearing will be

rescheduled for Sept 19.

After the two public hearings the tax rate can then be

voted on at the scheduled city council meeting Sept. 23.

In other city business the council voted to adopt a rate

increase of 2 ½ percent for solid waste collection.

The carrier, Allied Waste, had proposed a rate increase of

5.9%. City Administrator Dan Robertson negotiated the rate increase down to 2 ½%.

The city had budgeted 3% for the rate increase, but voted to adopt the lower

rate as negotiated.

City Secretary Debbie Cormier reported that the new rates on

the city’s insurance policy will be lower with the new carrier. The new policy

will be a lower rate structure for the covered employees. The lower rates could

result in a savings for the city, perhaps as much as $60,000.

The city is discussing the collection of outstanding

warrants with the firm Net Data. Net Data is currently collecting outstanding

warrants for other entities in Orange County and has had a high success rate

with collections of the warrants.

City Code Enforcement Officer Grady Gray reported that the

city will begin the demolition of the property located at 1902 29th

Street Wednesday, Sept. 12. The city is beginning to remove properties that

have been slated for demolition after repeated efforts have been made by the

city to get the owners to repair of remove the structures.

The Labor Day picnic is scheduled to be held on Sept. 20 at

the old Bancroft School. The event was postponed and rescheduled due to Hurricane