Many military service members and retirees live in areas that are in the path of Hurricane Ike. Because medical help may not be immediately available during and after a tropical storm or hurricane, TRICARE wants it’s millions of beneficiaries in those areas to be prepared in advance, by packing Health-related items in a waterproof emergency kit, and keep them handy in case of an evacuation. These items should include:

  •  Copies of each family member’s uniformed services ID card.
  •  A list of other important phone numbers, including the regional contractor, prescription services and Medicare.
  •  A list of each family member’s prescription medications and their doses, in case they need to be replaced.

Beneficiaries can find information to help them prepare before natural disasters, and to seek help after natural disasters through the storm alert page linked from the red icon at the top of, the announcements section or directly at