Based on information currently available, beginning 6:00 a.m. Thursday, September 11th, Orange County local officials encourage the voluntary evacuation of all coastal low lying areas and those that reside in travel trailers or mobile homes. Orange County citizens who decide to leave on their own are asked to travel the recommended
evacuation routes.

FM 105 N. TO H W 96
H W 62 N. TO H W 96

The National Weather Service advises that we can anticipate tropical storm force winds on Friday and Category one hurricane force winds on Saturday.

Citizens are to be properly prepared and provisioned for potential power outages and loss of services. Anyone who chooses to stay should have enough food, water and medication for up to five days. This precaution is echoed by Officials in all three counties. Citizens should be self sustainable with food, water and medical supplies for
at least five (5) days. Citizens should be prepared for the possibility of power outages that could last for an unknown amount of time.

There are currently limited State resources available for transport of individuals without their own transportation as those resources have been deployed to other areas of the State.

Please stay tuned to local media for further updates on Hurricane IKE and monitor and