Judge Carl Thibodeaux has announced that as of 9 a.m. this morning, Monday, Sept.15, they are allowing citizens to enter the towns and unincorportated areas ”…for the sole purpose of evaluating damage to  their property.”

The mandatory evacuation is still in place and citizens are expected to leave the area by 6 p.m.

“No person should assume that any services are available to those who return to inspect their property,” said Thibodeaux. “To the extent that limited water and sewer may be available, citizens are advised to use the water for clean up only. Do not attemt to drink any water, other than bottled water, until further notice.”

Anyone that has not left the county by 6 p.m. could be detained or required to leave the city or unincorperated areas of Orange County. They want citizens to stay out so that law enforcement may use all available resources to keep property secure. No one will be allowed to roam the streets in any city or area of the County 

Thibodeaux also stresses there will be no food, water, ice or fuel available. Those who do not heed this advisory are required to be self-sufficient.

The curfew from 6 p.m. until 6 a.m. remains in effect and will continue until further notice.

Public Numbers for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

(409) 233-9129
(409) 233-9154
(409) 233-9169

If you can not get through to one of the numbers listed above, please call 911.

Updated road closures

Jefferson County:

Roadways with flooding:

IH 10 at Hwy 73 – Barricades and Cones are out : Location does not have law enforcement officers

Orange County:

The Rainbow Bridge is CLOSED due to high water.

FM 408 North of Bridge City is CLOSED due to high water.

All other state roads are open