Attention Orange County Employees:
Orange County courthouse remains closed. Unless you are authorized by the County Judge or the Emergency Management Coordinator, please do not enter the county buildings for safety hazards.

Food and supply distribution center

The Orange County Airport IS NOT a point of distribution. There have been cars lining up there, but the county wants the public informed that there will be no food or supplies distributed at the airport.

Road Closures
Jefferson County:
Roadways with flooding:
IH 10 at Hwy 73 – Barricades and Cones are out : Location does not have law enforcement officers

Orange County:
The Rainbow Bridge is CLOSED due to high water.
FM 408 North of Bridge City is CLOSED due to high water.
All other state roads are open

Dialysis Patient InformationCurrently, there is no dialysis treatment available in the Golden Triangle area. Anyone in the Golden Triangle area needing dialysis treatment can call 1-877-374-3375. The operator at that number will direct you to the closest dialysis site available for treatment.
The patient must provide their own transportation to and from the site.

Price Gouging
Anyone experiencing price gouging is asked to report it to the Texas Attorney General’s Office – Consumer Fraud Division at
1-800-252-8011. This covers fuel, hotels and commodities. Anyone attempting to sell items for more than the price the person charged for the goods or services from and after the date of the declaration of the disaster is subject to a citation and a fine of up to $500.00.

There have been several local gas stations and propane providers that have increased their prices tremendously. Beaumont officers have issued citations and made reports to submit to the Texas Attorney General’s Office.

Citizens are asked to report these incidents that are occurring in the City of Beaumont to BPD at 832-1234. Citizens are asked to report it individually as well to the Consumer Fraud Division at 1-800-252-8011.

County of Orange Garbage and Waste Pickup
In order to better facilitate debris and dangerous material, the following guidelines should be followed: This was a large disaster that will take some time to recover. Recovery depends on the cooperation of the citizens. The County of Orange and Waste Management appreciate your cooperation.

1. White Goods – Items such as refrigerators, freezers, etc. All white goods must be duct taped closed and brought to curb side and kept separate from other items.

2. Construction and Damaged material – Construction materials i.e.: carpet, wall board, furniture, etc. should be brought to curb side and bundled in a pile separately from any other debris.

3. Household and Hazardous Waste – Such as household cleaners, chemicals, detergents, etc. should be placed separately from all other debris at curb side on a plastic tarp.

4. Electronic Waste – items such as games systems, computers, DVD’s, etc. should be kept separate and place on curb side.

This task of regular curb side service will take a few weeks to clear all of the curb side garbage. Each route will be completed the same day. In this way, the priority items are picked up first. What this means is that not all items from each house will be removed, this is to be fair to everyone on that day’s route.

Where should I discard my food?
Beginning Tuesday, Sept. 16th the County land fill, located on Hwy 1442, will accept house hold garbage and spoiled food between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.
NO WHITE GOODS, FURNITURE WILL BE ACCEPTED AT THE LAND FIELD. Refer to #2. for instructions on White Goods and Damaged materials

How can I do my part to speed our community’s recovery?
Separate items as described above and please be patient. Thank you for your cooperation.

City of Bridge City:
All perishable foods will not be picked up at curb side. Perishable foods need to be brought to the Bridge City Community Center located on W. Roundbunch & Parkside between the hours of 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.

All Lowe’s Stores are open with reduced hours in areas with mandatory curfews. Regular hours are being observed in areas with no curfew.

A Relief organization is donating rolls of heavy duty roofing tarp paper.The address and phone number to the relief organization is listed below.
1019 North 1st Avenue
Lake Charles, LA