A lot of folks thought Hurricane Ike would be a minor Category 2 storm.

After all, Rita was a 3, right?

But most of the public, weary from the nothing Gustav evacuation, stayed put.

The size of the thing did the damage.

It was larger than Hurricane Katrina. Six hundred miles wide when it hit, Ike was still in Houston when it reached Dallas and at one point was in six states at once. The winds blew and water rose.

It flopped up hundreds of dead fish along Adams Bayou in Orange.

And gators, not happy to be displaced, hissed and coughed in neighborhood front yards.

Communication is spotty, at best, in Orange County.

Last Friday, Joel Ardoin, a health inspector with Orange County, evacuated special needs folks to Beaumont.

He was heard from Wednesday, but only with a connection that kept breaking up.

Ardoin, also a member of the Orange Lions Club, did say the Lions Carnival was postponed indefinitely.

“Operations have been canceled for now,” he said of the age-old annual event.

“We managed to get some motors [from the carnival rides] out of the water.”

And of course, Orange Lions Park, that section of Adams along MacArthur Drive, is where many dead fish showed up.

In Mauriceville, Pam Scales Crew got power back late Tuesday.

Folks in her neighborhood had generators, she said.

Also a member of the Pinehurst Labor Day Picnic Committee, she said it was on the skids for now.

The picnic was reset from the Gustav evacuation, but obviously with Ike it will have to be rescheduled again, she said.

“There’s just so many people out of pocket right now,” she said.

Crew reports that her mother, Virgie Scales, 96, a longtime newspaper woman, evacuated to Ennis.

She lives off Highway 408 between Bridge City and Orangefield, and is said to have had five feet of water in her home.