The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is coordinating livestock carcass disposal efforts following Hurricane Ike. NRCS is offering financial assistance to offset the cost of disposal and identifying appropriate burial sites based on soil type.

“In several storm-ravaged counties in East Texas, large numbers of cattle, horses and poultry caught in Hurricane Ike died,” said Don Gohmert, NRCS state conservationist for Texas. “We are working with soil and water conservation districts, local county governments and the Texas Animal Health Commission to properly dispose of carcasses to protect public health and safety.”

Livestock producers may report dead livestock to the NRCS office in Bryan at 979-846-0757, ext. 3. Callers will be asked to provide the location, species of animal, approximate number, and if, possible, the GPS coordinates of the site.

Financial assistance and proper disposal site identification is being offered to cattle owners who have the means to dispose of livestock carcasses on their own property. For those individuals who had livestock carcasses wash onto their property and do not have the means to dispose of carcasses properly, NRCS may assist with removal, transport, and disposal of the carcasses.

NRCS is also offering the same financial and technical assistance to poultry producers who suffered losses as a result of Hurricane Ike.

For application forms and livestock disposal specifications, contact the NRCS office in Bryan at 979-846-0757, ext. 3 or visit the NRCS Texas Web site at

Livestock producers can also contact the USDA Farm Service Agency about the Livestock Indemnity Program, which provides partial reimbursement to producers who suffer livestock losses from natural disasters. For information, contact the Texas Farm Service Agency at 866-680-6069.