by Heggie Coulter
O.J.H. Teacher/Media Liason

Orangefield students, ages ranging from kindergarten to seniors, along with several other teachers, parents, and community members gathered at the junior high campus to prepare and distribute over 2000 lunches to Bridge City residents who were working on their damaged homes.

Orangefield Superintendent Phillip Welch commented,”In a time like this, O.I.S.D. is committed to being a good neighbor and using all of our resources to help our friends in their time of need. Our main concern is the recovery of the city of Bridge City and the B.C.I.S.D.”

The varsity football and volleyball teams have also worked this past week helping repair and clean out teachers and other community members homes that were damaged from Ike.

Blake Morrison, athletic director, had this to say, “Events like this help you put everything into perspective. Who wins or loses on Friday night is not the most important thing. Taking care of your family, friends, and neighbors… that is what it is important.”

“Most of us were lucky in Orangefield and didn’t have much damage. It is so sad to see everything a family owns piled on the curb and it is nice to be able to help.” said Brianne Caswell freshman.

The Orangefield cafeteria workers are feeding the state troopers, Entergy workers, Bridge City police officers and B.C.I.S.D. board members each evening at the high school cafeteria.

The junior high is serving as a hotel for many of these workers who are in dire need of sleep and a hot shower.

Brian Ousley, the junior high principal, has been cooking breakfast and Charles Donnaud , maintenance administrator, has fried fish for many emergency workers.

Nancy Ashworth school board member states, “We will continue efforts to assist Bridge City. Our hearts go out to them. Our kids are determined to make a difference in this devastated community.”